Review Policy


Hello and thank you for taking an interest in my blog!

Cozy Sweater Reads is focused primarily on the YA genre (and the occasional middle grade, depending on the topic.) I am open to reviewing NA/Adult books but it entirely depends on the topic, as well. 

I am not open to reviewing books that fall under the following categories:

  • Religion
  • poetry
  • Adult contemporaries

I do not condone or support discriminatory literature or behaviors. If your book (or you) have a discriminatory mindset then I will absolutely NOT be reading said book. (Just throwing that out there).

Opinions expressed in reviews are my personal, honest, opinions. I do not receive compensation for posting reviews, I do it purely because I enjoy reading and reviewing. I strive to make reviews spoiler-free and helpful to readers. (No spoilers are included in reviews without warning.) 

I will always try my best to read and review books I've received in a timely manner. 

Reviews will be posted on this blog and occasionally on my Bookstagram.
(I am also open to posting a review on Goodreads.) 

Reviews include the following:
  • Publishing info
  • Rating (1 to 5 stars)
  • Cover Art
  • Links to the books' Goodreads
I accept books in the following formats:
  • Bound arcs
  • e-books
  • finished copies

UPDATE: I'm currently not accepting Self-Published (or Indie) titles for review.

I am no longer accepting requests for promotional posts from Indie authors. (I apologize but my viewers do not seem to take an interest in these types of posts.)

If there are any further questions or if you would like me to review your book contact me at:

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