Hello, there! I'm Faith and welcome to my own little corner of the internet. ~Beware~ you'll find lots of fangirling here. 
Some random things about me:

  • I love tea (mint and Irish Breakfast)
  • ... I also love coffee
  • ... like A L O T
  • While I love the YA fantasy genre, I'm a sucker for a good psychological thriller
  • It brings me great joy when I introduce someone to their new favorite read. 
  • I'm the amateur-ist of the amateurs when it comes to book & nature photography (but I try nevertheless!)
  • I've trained autocorrect to recognize "Truthwitch", "WILL HERONDALE", and "Bookstagram" as proper english (yes, yes I am proud of that)
Some of my favorite authors include (but aren't limited to): Roshani Chokshi, Susan Dennard, Marie Lu, Becky Albertalli, and Laini Taylor.

If you ever need book recs then feel free to email me and I will provide you with a million gazillion books! Okay, maybe not that many, but I'll provide you with a few books.
CozySweaterReads(at)gmail(dot)com is now my email for this blog. If you provide me with info on the kind of book you'd like to read then I will provide you with a few new recs. 

In order to get my blog to look semi-okayish I use Canva (to edit) and freepik to get some fun watercolor images. 
With that being said... the art images used aren't my own. SO here's the artist credit:

Rating donut design is from: Designed by Freepik

Sunflower header is from: Designed by Freepik

Leaves (used above): Designed by Freepik

Coffee Stains: Designed by Freepik

Lanterns: Designed by Freepik

Backpack: Designed by Freepik

Thank you!

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