How I'm Organizing my Bullet Journal: June 2018

June 03, 2018

Hello friends and welcome back to Lifestyle Sundays!

Today I'm just showing y'all how I'm setting up my bullet journal for the month of June. I haven't completed all the pages for this month (I usually do my weekly spread on a weekly basis so that part of my journal isn't fully completed) but I wanted to share anyways :)

Let's get into things!

I decided this month's theme was going to be sunflowers & evening lights. Sunflowers just remind me of June idk why xD. Anyways, I wanted to use lots of yellows and blues for June since it's almost summertime (!!!)

To create this spread, I used watercolors, mixed media paper, pieces from a paper bag, and (my favorite) Sakura paint pens. If you're interested in hearing more about the paint pens then I talk about them in slightly more detail here

So, if you didn't know, this is my first year of really getting into bullet journaling. Thus, I'm trying out a different setup, pretty much every month. I'm trying to see what works best for me and experimenting has helped me A LOT. On this page I decided to include three overall goals for the month. That way, I'll remember to prioritize certain things every time I open up my journal.

*dramatically reaches for journal*

I'm also a student so I have finals this month *cries*.  I always forget which exams are on which days so I thought I would get organized this year so I wouldn't fail at life xD 
The second page focuses on blog stats. I'm not super into looking at my stats anymore BUT I thought it might be fun to start tracking monthly growth again. I used to do this avidly but I stopped because of, you guessed it, school. I do really want to try it out again, though, so I'll be keeping tracking of it in June. 

In order to create this page I used: Sakura paint pens, pieces of a paper bag, watercolors, gold washi tape, and an image I cut from a magazine.
(For some reason I've been having Cosmopolitan sent to my house for the past year even though I'm not subscribed (???)  so I didn't feel that guilty about cutting into a magazine.)  

Over the past few months I've come to the conclusion that I work best with this, kind of, loose weekly spread. It's easy for me to use and it never feels like a job to fill out. 

In order to create this spread I used: gold washi tape, magazine cut outs, watercolor and pen/pencil. 

TIP: If you're creating a spread and you dislike something you've done, there's always a way to change it. For me, I usually mess up on headers (I don't know why xD). So what I like to do is cover the header up with pieces from a brown paper bag. Paper bags aren't super hard to come by and they turn your mistake into something fabulous ;)

... and that's a wrap! This post was short and sweet but I hope y'all still enjoyed. Bullet journaling this year has been super fun and I can't wait to share next month's spread with you guys =D

Do you bullet journal? What do you include in your monthly spreads? 
Thank you for reading and have a magical day!

p.s I'll have a new releases post up tomorrow since I wasn't able to get it up this past Wednesday :)

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