Another life update + Changes to the blog?!

May 19, 2018

Hello friends! I'm back with (yet another) life update type post. 

So... I've been posting really infrequently on this blog. I'm not sure what it is but I just haven't really been motivated to take part in the book community these past few months (which makes me incredibly sad). School has been a huge part of why I haven't really been active and it will continue to be, probably until mid 2019, sadly. 

However, I've decided to fight against my urge to give into all things school. I'm someone who believes that it's incredibly important to make time for what makes you happy and, you know what, this blog makes me happy. 

I think one of my biggest downfalls when it comes to creating any kind of online content is that I'm not particularly organized. Actually, scratch that, I'm just not super organized in general xD I've always kind of relied on writing a blog post the night I want to post it which, if you look at my posting frequency over the past year you'd know, doesn't work well for me. I'm someone who needs structure in order to be productive.

So... I have a new posting schedule for this blog! Whoop Whoop!

Originally, I wanted to post Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday but, y'all, that's a lot for one person. And, while I may have a lot of free time to post right now, I won't be happy later on when I have no time and a four day posting schedule. 

... you may have noticed something different about Sunday. That's because I'm starting Lifestyle Sunday on my blog (yayyyy!) I've been blogging about books for slightly over 3 years now and, while I love books with my whole heart, I want to try branching out a bit. I think that by making Sunday a lifestyle post day I'll be able to have a bit more creative freedom on here. Though, mainly, this blog will still be book-oriented. 

Speaking of creative... I really want to make my posts on here more unique. I love doing my Cozy Sweater Reads of the month posts but those don't really involve a lot of creative thinking. I'd love to start putting out content that shows a little bit more of my personality (if that makes sense xD). 

This new schedule will start this Wednesday so get ready to see a lot more of me for the next few months! =D

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you have a magical day! 

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