THE BOOK ADDICTION IS TOO REAL // January: A Month In Review

February 17, 2018

Hello friends!

I know I'm about *checks calendar* seventeen days late with this post but I still wanted to share what happened in January. So... here I am! I hope y'all have been doing well and without any further ado let us get into things! 

I usually read (and blog) a lot more in January since that's when I have a burst of motivation buuuut that didn't really happen this year. Four books definitely isn't too shabby of a number, though. I'm really happy that I got some of my ALA ARCs read and I even enjoyed one of them. I'll have mini-reviews up soon for all of these books except for The Crucible because... required reading *sigh*. 

Side note: I didn't hate The Crucible. I'm just salty about all of the sexism and racism in american classics so I chose to rate it lower. Y'ALL don't even get me started on the portrayal of women in The Scarlet Letter. 

Anyways... onwards we go!

W A R N I N G. 

The amount of books I bought this month is... overwhelming. For me, for you, for my poor wallet. There was an endless stream of book buying since I just. couldn't. stop myself. 

A little backstory: There's this place called Schuler Books and it's an indie bookstore in Michigan. Not only does it have an amazing selection of used books but it also hosts a lot of author events. I actually went to my very first author event at Schuler Books. (This was when I met Sarah J Maas and Susan Dennard). I've been obsessed with the store for FOREVER and they announced that one of their three locations would be closing permanently. This is bad because I love that store so much!!! But it's also good because all of their merchandise was a whopping 40% off. Yes, you heard me. We're talking new releases at 40% OFF. 
Long story short, I drove a few hours up there (twice) and ended up with many... many new books. 
I got: 

I read The Archived quite a while ago but I never picked up the sequel. Though, I'm not going to lie, I picked this one up because I liked the texture of it. THE TEXTURE. If you couldn't tell, I'm great at spending my money wisely. 

I used to watch booktube literally all of the time (and I might make a post about why I stopped) but I remember seeing this book and thinking that I needed it. When I saw it at Schuler's last month I picked it up hella fast xD Basically, it's a book that follows a haunted IKEA (is that amazing or what?!?!)

The last few things I got on my first (yes I said first) trip to Schuler's were these graphic novels. I got volumes 1-3 of Paper Girls and I got the first volume of Ms. Marvel. I've heard really good things about all of these and, fun fact, I'm a HUGE art nerd. Am I good at making art? No, not really. Do I love seeing art in books? HECK YEAH. I also really enjoy reading graphic novels when I'm in a book slump because A) they're fast and B) they make me feel productive.

When I went back to Schuler's a second time, I ended up getting three more books. *Sigh* at this point I really should stop. But do I? No. The call of bargain books is too strong to resist. I ended up buying the last two books in The Darkest Minds trilogy because why not. I also ended up getting Empress of a Thousand Skies after some contemplation. While this one has a fairly low rating on Goodreads, I still want to give it a shot. The cover is beautiful and... OKAY I liked the way it felt in my hands. I often buy books for that reason alone. (Shhhhh don't judge me).

January was a pretty average month for me. I've been focused on doing well in school which is also why I haven't been blogging as much this school year. Something kind of exciting did happen at my school, though. I discovered a book club where I can get ARCs in exchange for reviewing them on the library website. This has been super fun since I generally enjoy reviewing AND I've gotten to meet other book nerds who have the same passion for reading that I have. In addition to school, I attended the Women's March which was absolutely incredible. It feels amazing to be surrounded by people who wholly support women (and the sarcastic signs were definitely an added bonus xD).

I also started my rep term for the lovely Hafsah over at Icey Designs which was super exciting! I absolutely adore working with her and I can't wait to continue repping for her in March.

This candle is just one of the few things that I've received and it's A-MAZING. I highly recommend Hafsah's shop! I'm also going to leave the code "Bookspiration10" here because you can definitely use it to get a discount *whistles innocently*. 

I haven't been visiting blogs this month (last month technically) so I currently have no post to share. BUT I will be trying my hardest to get back to actively commenting because I adore seeing what other bloggers are posting =D

Did you buy any books in January?
Thank you so much for reading and I hope you have a magical day!

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