I'M BACK // A reading + life update

December 29, 2017

Hello friends! Long time no see...

I feel like I've almost forgotten how to blog ahaha. It's been too long! To ease myself back into the world of blogging I figured that I'd start with a little bit of an update post. 

So... hi!

I guess I'll just start with where the heck I've been these past (three!!!) months. I've definitely mainly been gone because of school. My workload picked up this year and I've been struggling to keep up while also finding time to do stuff that I genuinely enjoy. (Also I'm queen of the procrastinators so I've become more and more stressed due to me waiting until the last minute to get stuff done). Which brings me to the next reason why I've been gone. I haven't particularly felt... content with life lately. (Oooh that sounds a little dark but I don't mean it to be xD.) I'm not particularly happy or sad. I'm just kind of... meh with where I am in life. Since I've been feeling a little meh it's been really hard for me to feel passionate about blogging, or even reading, for that matter. Which makes me super sad since I love blogging and reading and talking to other wonderful book humans! So I'm really excited to get back to blogging just in time for the new year!

With that being said, I believe a reading update is in order...

There's a chance that maybe... possibly... I haven't finished a book in three months... maybe. 

I HAVE started several books, though! My latest read has been This Darkness Mine by: Mindy McGinnis, which is a little strange, might I add.

I remember seeing this at ALA and thinking I NEED because ya girl loves a good psychological thriller. However, this one pushes the limits of weird to a place where weird should never have gone. But we'll see how I feel once I've finished it...

I don't think I have too much more to say in this particular update post. I want to start writing some new posts that are a little more exciting xD

OH! I do actually have one more thing to add. I got a new phone a month or two ago so my pictures are going to be a lot more high quality (and more prevalent in my posts because I love love LOVE photography). 

Okay... I think I'm done now haha.

What have y'all been reading lately? 
Thank you so much for reading and I hope you have a magical day! 

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