Throwing it back: Fall edition // "Fall Time Cozy Time" Book Tag

October 15, 2017

Hello my beautiful bookish friends!

As y'all may or may not know, I'm a H U G E fan of autumn. I love drinking coffee in my big fuzzy sweater under a plethora of leaves. I'm not big on this whole allergies things (what's that about nature?!) but ya know... sometimes you gotta make sacrifices. 
Anyways... I'm thinking of doing a fall series on this blog! (Yes I really do love fall that much.) Today would be the first installment of said series because we're doing the "Fall Time Cozy Time" book tag (YAYYY.) I remember watching this tag literally ALL. THE. TIME on booktube back in the day. Soooo I thought it would be fun to do this tag for my self, at long last! 

This tag was originally created by Sam from Novel's and Nonsense Sam's nonsense. The original video can be found here if you're interested ♥

Without further ado let's get into the questions!

I, of course, had to go with Windwitch by: Susan Dennard! I really enjoyed this one and I highly recommend that you pick up Truthwitch (which is book one in this series) if you haven't already. Susan is also just an all around amazing person so... there's that too xD

So... here's the thing. I'm truly not the biggest fan of Harry Potter (DON'T KILL ME PLEASE AND THANK YOU.) But there's just something about the first book that makes my heart feel full. I always get oddly happy when I read the first few chapters, which is kind of ironic because the first few chapters are actually a bit of a bummer. ANYWAYS, I'm going with Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone for sure!

I looove reading longer books on stormy days. There's nothing better than curling up by the fire (a candle) and laying next to your loved ones (the dog). ♥
Bonus points if the book is creepy!

There's lots of cool characters but I'm not sure I'd want to trade places with any of them. xD Remember when Liam Neeson was all like "I've got a particular set of skills"? Yeah. My set of skills involves staying inside, reading, and avoiding awkward encounters. I wouldn't last a day in a fictional world. If I did hypothetically have ~skills~ then I'd probably trade places with Emika Chen from Warcross.

Rebel of the Sands by: Alwyn Hamilton! The world, the characters, the action, the romance. I'M L I V I N G. If you haven't read this one yet I highly recommend it!

Why do they always give queen JLA these kinds of covers?! 
I remember reading WHK in school and I would pull it out of my backpack quickly, lay it flat on the table, and then I'd slip it back into my bag after I was done. I really didn't want people to see this cover xD

While I'm always up for anything potato related, I probably have to go with white bean chicken chili for this one. My aunt always makes the chili around this time of year and I have great memories of eating it with my family :)

... and that was the Fall Time Cozy Time Book Tag!

What's your favorite thing about fall?
Thank you all very much for reading and I hope your fall is magical!

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