Bookcitement // GURL TAKE MY MONEY (September New Releases)

September 04, 2017

Hello lovely book humans! 

Welcome back to another installment of my Bookcitement series! I'm thinking of changing the name of this series to make it match my new blog name but I haven't come up with anything (good) yet. 

Anyways... I think we can all agree that September is pretty notorious for its habit of sucking any money I may have had away from me new YA releases. Even as I'm writing this post I close my previously opened Amazon window in the hopes that I won't be too tempted. 

So let's jump right into things!

The Girl with the Red Balloon by: Katherine Locke // By the time you read this TGWTRB will already be released so PLEASE go pick it up! It's such a good read (and it's short too!) If you want to hear me talk about how much I enjoyed this one then you can find my review here!

They Both Die at the End by: Adam Silvera // The entire concept of this book is so unique and I'm intrigued times 1000! 
"On September 5, a little after midnight, Death-Cast calls Mateo Torrez and Rufus Emeterio to give them some bad news: They're going to die today. "
*Mentally prepares self for all the crying*

Tower of Dawn by: Sarah J Maas // I think this one is technically considered new adult/adult because of the content (FINALLY) but never mind that. I'm not super into Throne of Glass but I'm already preparing myself to see this book everywhere xD

Girls Made of Snow and Glass by: Melissa Bashardoust // This is actually my current read at the moment and I'm really enjoying it. GMOSAG kind of reads like an actual Grimm fairytale! 

Godsgrave by: Jay Kristoff // I tried reading Nevernight in July but I had to set it down because the writing is just so thick. I wouldn't really say I dnf'd it because I was only 20 pages in. I WILL be trying to read it again when I have more time! I may be giving away my ARC of Godsgrave though so look out for that...

Black Bird of the Gallows by: Meg Kassel // I saw this one at ALA but I didn't actually read the synopsis until a few days ago (WHOOPS) But, I have to say, it kind of gave me Hush, Hush vibes... and I'm not mad about it. I might have to pick this one up just as a guilty pleasure read haha. 

If There's No Tomorrow by: Jennifer L. Armentrout // I have heard little to nothing about this book but I really love the cover! It sounds like it's going to be a heart-breaking read *pulls out the tissues*

A Semi-Definitive List of Worst Nightmares by: Krystal Sutherland // I saw a review of this when I was blog hopping this past month and I'm intrigued! I'm not really sure what to expect from this one but it doesn't sound like anything I've ever read.

Even the Darkest Stars by: Heather Fawcett // This is another book I hadn't heard of until recently but, you guessed it, I'm intrigued! YA fantasy, mountain climbing, expeditions... I'M THERE. 

Genuine Fraud by: E. Lockhart // I don't really want to say much on this one because my review for it will be out super soon. Buuuut let's just say it was an interesting read. It really wasn't similar to We Were Liars AT ALL. 

Warcross by: Marie Lu // If you follow me on Twitter, Instagram, this blog, or literally 
A N Y W H E R E you'll know that I absolutely ADORED this book. It's so good!!! I will push it on to everyone and anyone. If you want to know all of my rambly thoughts on Warcross you can find them here!

Before she Ignites by: Jodi Meadows // Becky and Helena from Book Nerd Addict always talk about how much they love this book so I'm definitely interested in reading it! I trust them with book recs ♥

Fireblood by: Elly Blake // Fireblood is book two of the Frostblood saga. While I haven't read book one, I did get to meet Elly Blake this year (YAYYY) She's super sweet and I'll definitely be supporting her and her books =D 

Odd & True by: Cat Winters // O&T is another book I saw at ALA that I didn't get the chance to pick up. I definitely will be reading it, hopefully within the next year, since I've heard nothing but good things about Cat Winters. Plus, I'm always up for a good historical fiction!

Rebel Seoul by: Axie Oh // This book sounds absolutely phenomenal! I've heard from blogger friends that it's an amazing read so I'm dying to get my hands on it.

One Dark Throne by: Kendare Blake // I haven't read book one (Three Dark Crowns) but I do own it! I'm in love with the covers for this series *ALL THE HEART EYES* 

Speak Easy, Speak Love by: McKelle George // I discovered this one as I was researching September releases. Y'ALL. It's a Much Ado About Nothing retelling set in the 1920's. I'm so in!!!

Moxie by: Jennifer Mathieu // I picked this one up at ALA so quick when I saw that Amy Poehler had blurbed the book xD This is a standalone contemporary set in a Texan high school that follows a feminist revolution. I'm not usually a contemporary gal but I will be for this book!

Hunting Prince Dracula by: Kerri Maniscalco // I got to meet Kerri at ALA and she was amazing + she had on a killer outfit! I enjoyed Stalking Jack the Ripper (book one) so I'm excited to see where she goes with the sequel. 

Jane, Unlimited by: Kristin Cashore // Jane, Unlimited sounds super magical and I'm hoping to get to my ARC of this one soon! I also want to mention that the cover for Jane, Unlimited is STUNNING. It's shiny/holographic and I'm in love. 

A Poison Dark and Drowning by: Jessica Cluess // I neeeed to read book one ASAP. Brittany from Brittany's Book Rambles has said really positive things about Jessica's books and I trust Brittany so... that's that xD Plus, all the covers of Cluess' books are STUNNING. 

An Enchantment of Ravens by: Margaret Rogerson // I'm cryin' this book literally sounds SO GOOD. Everyone has been talking about it on Twitter/Bookstagram and I NEED.

Invictus by: Ryan Graudin // I saw "heist on the sinking Titanic" and I was IN. There have been mixed reviews for this one but I'm still excited to see what I think of it! 

The Language of Thorns: Midnight Tales & Dangerous Magic by: Leigh Bardugo // I have a sampler of this one and the illustrations + the cover are EVERYTHING. I'm so excited to see the hardcover in all it's glory!

Starfish by: Akemi Dawn Bowman // Cam (@abookeater) has said great things about Starfish so you already know that I need it! Plus THAT COVER. 

There's Someone Inside your House by: Stephanie Perkins // I laugh to myself a little every time I hear "Stephanie Perkins" and "murder mystery" together. Her name sounds so happy and murder mysteries... aren't. I am excited to dive into this one though! I've heard mixed things but *shrugs* we'll see. P.s this is yet another cover I'm O B S E S S E D with. 

The Ravenous by: Amy Lukavics // This one is GRAPHIC y'all. If you're not a fan of really descriptive horror then maybeeee skip out on this one. I'll have my full review up later this month but I'll leave you with that. 

*Three hours later*

I think this is the most books I've ever featured in a bookcitement post. 27 BOOKS!

Which of these are you most excited for? Have you read any of them yet?
Thank you for reading and have a magical day!

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