August // A (very busy) month in review

September 03, 2017

Hello my lovely friends!

It's that time again where I break down the past month! Summer is coming to a close and, while I don't want to go back to school, I  A M  H Y P E. Y'all I was not made for the heat. I'm a sweater and multiple layers of blankets kind of girl and 80° weather NeEDs tO LeAvE. Fall for the win :)))

With that being said... let's get into things!

August was the month of getting stuff read... surprisingly. I've been picking up a lot of audiobooks (the last four books listed were audiobooks) on my online library. Ever since I discovered its existence I've pretty much been obsessed xD
I've been placing books from my to-read list on Goodreads on hold so I can get books read quickly that I maybe wouldn't pick up for another year or so. 

Anyways... the only book on this list I actually have a full review for is The Girl with the Red Balloon by: Katherine Locke. TGWTRB was also the only ARC I got read this month (which isn't good because I have another 10 or so ARCs I need to read and review for September HELP.) 

I forgot to mention last month that I (finally) own a hardcover copy of Windwitch by: Susan Dennard! I saw Susan again in July and I was running out of things for her to sign so VOILA. 

I also got an ARC of Beauty and the Boss by: Ali Vali via Netgalley. I promised myself I wouldn't request anymore ARCs but I couldn't help myself (I'm sorry!) This is a new adult/adult? f/f romance that has single mom rep and I'm really looking forward to it! 

This month was really busy for me when it came to extracurricular's. I'm in color guard so I spent three and a half weeks prepping for the upcoming season. I didn't get as much read as I would have liked since, needless to say, I was exhausted after 8+ hours of physical activity everyday. (I'm not the athletic type OkAY). 
I also managed to dislocate my knee... again. I dislocated my right knee back in June and I think my left knee was feeling left out since it decided to be stupid as well *LE SIGH* 
Did I dislocate my knee while doing color guard things? No. I was standing still in my bathroom *SIGHING INTENSIFIES*
I'm slowly recovering though! I still feel like a new born deer trying to walk but I'll take spaghetti legs over shooting pain any day. 

Drum roll please! This month's blog post of the month is from Madeline over at Reverie Pages! It's titled "Guide for the Newbie Blogger // All about Blog Design" I think that she has some really good tips and I recommend that even non-newbies go check her out =D

Was your August successful? Who else is excited for fall? 
Thank you for reading and have a magical day!

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