August 09, 2017

Hello my friends!

Today we're gonna be talking about #TheReadingQuest which is a fun video-game inspired reading challenge hosted by the lovely Aentee over at Read at Midnight!

This is going to to be my page for the challenge where I put all of my updates! (I'll re-share the page on Twitter every time something new is added :p) 

Before we get into my tbr... all the art used in this post is from the fabulous, amazing, lovely CW over at Read, Think, Ponder. I'm literally in love with her art and I truly hope that you go check her out ASAP if you haven't already. 

You can also find the original Reading Quest page here! If you read this post first my post might make more sense xD

For #TheReadingQuest you get to choose who you want to be: A mage, rogue, knight, or bard. Whichever avatar personality you choose has various coordinating challenges.
I personally decided to be a Mage!

I feel like most people chose the mage (whoops) but I personally picked this avatar because it will allow me to get the most read. I was originally going to be a rogue because yassss bow and arrow but also because I love finding hidden treasures. I might still try for the rogue after I (hopefully) get all of my books read!

What are my books, you ask?

Moxie by: Jennifer Mathieu // A one word title

Wild Beauty by: Anna-Marie McLemore // A book with magic

A Crown of Wishes by: Roshani Chokshi // Based on mythology

Ever the Brave by: Erin Summerill // set in a different world 

Last Star Burning by: Caitlin Sangster // First book of a series (or at least I hope so xD)

I'm not technically required to stick to these books but I'm hoping that I'll stay the course this time. I'm T E R R I B L E at choosing and sticking with tbrs so we'll see...

That's all for the moment! Once again, I'm probablyyyy just going to use this post to update. Maybe I'll do a halfway point update...? I don't know. I always plan these things out and then never actually do them so we'll see ahaha. *crosses fingers*

Are you joining #TheReadingQuest?
Thank you for reading and have a lovely day!

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