My Top 10 Book Recommendations for People Who Avoid Contemporary Books Like they're the Plague

August 16, 2017

Hello friends!

So I've been in a bit of a reading slump lately and I've been reading a bunch of posts on how to get out of them. A TON of said posts recommend that you read something light and fluffy, like a contemporary novel.
But here's the thing... ya girl avoids contemporary at all costs. 

Me: Is there magic?
Person: Just the magic of loooove.
Me: *runs away from book*

Me: Is the book as big as a brick and hella confusing?
Person: .... no?
Me: *running intensifies*

... You get my point haha.

Basically, as you can tell by the title, I'm going to be recommending contemporary books to people who are anti-contemporary (like myself).
Some of these may be border-line contemporary but I'm still counting them. LeT mE LiVE.

Believe it or not but Simon VS was actually my intro to contemporary books! This is the first contemporary book I remember absolutely falling IN LOVE with. It's light, easy, funny, and a quick read. Also, Simon & Blue are too pure for this world (just sayin' ;)

The Hate U Give had already gotten buzz before it released but after it released the buzz was C R A Z Y. So obviously I had to get on the THUG train. Spoiler alert: IT'S FANTASTIC. It's so relevant to everything happening today and you'll love the characters (or hate them and throw the book across the room because PEOPLE UGH) Anyways... *pushes book at you*

Soooo I guess this is more of a thriller but SHHhHhhhH. Don't Look Back isn't really talked about but, I think, it's one of queen JLA's best books! Romance isn't the main focus of the story and the ending will have you D E A D. (Not literally I hope but you get what I'm saying)

I'd never read a book by Kami Garcia before I read The Lovely Reckless but I was shocked with how much I enjoyed it! I read it in one sitting and I was disappointed when it was over with. I will admit, it had a lot of cliches (I'm looking at you bad boy/good girl romance) but if you're okay with some cliches then definitely pick this one up!

I was hesitant to pick up When Dimple Met Rishi at first because I'm not a cutesy contemporary kind of girl. GUYS DON'T DO WHAT I DID. WDMR is cute and perfect and a quick read that you'll want to savor for 
F O R E V E R. The good news? There's a companion novel coming our way *SQUEEEE*

We Were Liars is one of Lockhart's darker books that I read YEARS ago and I remember really enjoying it. I cried at the ending and I was shaken to my very core. Pluuuus it's under 300 pages and you'll zoom right through it!

This is another book that could probably be considered a thriller/suspense novel but just go with it xD
Panic is super fast-paced and, while the characters are definitely... interesting, you won't be able to put it down.

The Melody of You and Me has incredible rep and is told from the perspective of a pansexual ex-college student. The romance is too FrIcK FRaCkiNG CuTE and the characters are too die for. Oh, yes, and positive sex rep (whoop whoop).

I have another post on Knit One/Girl Two here! This is a super short novella that has Jewish & lesbian rep. Y'all. IT'S SO CUTE. You'll wish that it wasn't over once you've finished! (It's also only around 99 cent on Amazon JUST SAYIN')

I can't believe I almost forgot about Ari & Dante! This is one of my favorites reads of all time and UGH *MUCH GREAT*
I listened to the audiobook (which is narrated by Lin Manuel Miranda!!!) and I'll be forever obsessed. I truly believe this is a book for everyone. 

What are some of your favorite contemporary books?
Thank you for reading and have a lovely day!

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