July // A month in Review + The Biannual Bibliothon (Success or fail?!)

August 03, 2017

This picture is from three years ago but I really wanted to use it in a post :p

Hello, lovelies!

Another month has come and gone which means it's time for another "Month in Review" post! I feel like July was a super productive month for me (or at least as productive as it can possibly get when it comes to me haha). 

I have quite a bit to put in this post so without further ado let's get into things!

Since a lot of these books are ARCs, the only book from this list I currently have a review up for is Library of Fates. If you're interested in my thoughts you can find the review here!

My review for Warcross is already written and scheduled for late August so keep your eye out for that *wink wink nudge nudge* (Y'ALL IT'S SO GOOD)

Mini Book Haul

I alsoooo usually have a section dedicated to my monthly book haul. However, I only got one book this month which was Last Star Burning by: Caitlin Sangster. It sounds amazing so I'm excited to review it! (Thank you Simon Pulse!)

I feel like an update for The Biannual Bibliothon is in order! I announced my participation in the read-a-thon a little over a week ago in this post and, surprise, I read none of the books I said I wanted to get to xD
I did read The Wicker King and The Ravenous during this readathon, though. I'm a little bummed that I only read two books during the week but I'm happy that I'm slowly reading all of my review copies!

The readathon was a bit of a failure for me but there's always next year!

I also did manage to get one readathon blog post challenge thing done (whoop! whoop!) I rewrote the synopsis for The Star-Touched Queen by: Roshani Chokshi from the perspective of the villain, Nritti! You can find that here if you're interested =D 

I also did a Bookstagram photo challenge for Booktube-a-thon (I couldn't resist!)

This picture was done for #Btatreflect. You can kind of see the cover reflected in the glass :)

My life was pretty uneventful this month, actually. That's why you can see a spike in how much I read/ the amount of blog posts I got posted. July was my chill month (which I needed dearly). I'm not ready to get back to real life buuut alas life doesn't seem to slow down. 

I'll be super busy this month with school (papers make me want to cry why do they existttt) but I'm still hoping to keep my blogging/reading momentum going. 
(Wish my luck because I'm terrible at life-ing lmao)

Today's recommendation is "Book Recommendations Based on your Hogwarts House" from Glittering Reads. I'm not a big Harry Potter fan (DON'T COME FOR ME FANDOM) but I'm strangely infatuated with the Hogwarts Houses. Creating multiple accounts on Pottermore is just a casual past time for me. IDK WhY Is It sO FuN?! 
Anyways... the bottom line here is that I love posts that recommend various books based off of your house. This post from Glittering Reads was a really great one and you should check it out!

... and that about wraps up July!

What did you read/do this month?
Thank you so much for reading and have a wonderful day!

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