ARC Review // Warcross by: Marie Lu & You can now hire Emika Chen...?

August 27, 2017

Exploding with color and brimming with tension, Marie Lu's Warcross is not a book to be missed. 

When I attended ALA this past June I made sure that I got my hands on a copy of Warcross and boy was I not disappointed. 
The entire time I was reading I could see everything so vividly. While the book wasn't heavy on world-building, Lu does a fantastic job of making sure you understand the world perfectly. Everything just seemed so REAL. With all of the technological advancements we've made, just in the past decade, it wasn't hard to picture this book as a possible reality. 

Moving on to characters... Emika Chen is a B A D A S S. But she's an ultra smart badass with tech skills to boot. While she wasn't always the most "lovable" mc, I found myself empathizing with her. She grew up not knowing her mother and her dad, while remembered fondly by Emika, didn't always make the best decisions/respond to situations in the best way possible. (Which I could partly relate to). If you've ever had a parent who maybe wasn't there all the time or just wasn't the best at... parenting then I think you'll be able to relate to Emika as well. 

... Hideo Tanaka, y'all. I'm kind of in love with Hideo and it's a sickness. I had such a great time seeing the progression of Hideo's character throughout the book. We get to see what makes him tick and, let me just say, it was an EXPERIENCE.

While we don't see much of the side characters, I felt like I still knew them pretty well. Once again, Lu does a fantastic job of flushing all of the characters out. She never directly says that so and so is THIS WAY but somehow the reader feels like they know the character anyways. 

Just when you think there are no completely new stories to be written a book like Warcross pops up. The  reader knows that something crazy is going on but can never quite put a finger on it. That is, until it's revealed *eyebrow waggle intensifies*

I'm jumping back and forth on what to talk about because this book had me MESSED UP. I do want to mention something that I thought was interesting, though.

The internet has this thing called the Dark Web (which is where all the murderers, drug dealers, and basically anyone from your worst nightmare hangs out). So in Warcross we have the Dark World, which is like the Dark Web except it's virtual reality and 1000 times scarier (if that's even possible). I just thought it was interesting how the internet underground was incorporated into the virtual world as well!

... and with that I think I've about covered all of my thoughts on ~le book~ If you enjoy great world-building that's not word heavy, fantastic characters, or page-turners in general, Warcross is your next favorite read!

I was so obsessed with this book that I made a Pinterest board which you can find here

You may be wondering what the second half of the title is about. Soooo... I made a website for Emika! You can find it ~here~ You may notice that there's not much to the site. This is because, if you're a bounty hunter, you wouldn't just want your personal information up for grabs. On the contact page a code is required to access any of Emika's contact information (if you hypothetically wanted to hire her for a hunt). 

While there's not actually any information to access (since she's fictional) I liked the idea at the time when I created the website xD 
I hope you enjoy looking at the site, as simple as it is ♥

Thank you so much for reading and have a wonderful day!

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