June // A Month in Review (ALA, authors, much coffee, OH MY!)

July 08, 2017

Hello beautiful humans!

Another month has come to an end (2017 is flying by!) so I'm back to talk about the month of June. Besides exams, June was a pretty amazing month for me! School ended, I got to go to ALA, and BOOKS. 

So without any further ado, let's get into it!

I have a special gushy post up for Knit One, Girl Two up now! If you're interesting in fangirling (and baking!) with me then you can check that out here!

I'm also posting my review for When Dimple Met Rishi soon so I'll insert the link here when it's been posted!

So.... I got a total of 29 books this month. I know, absolutely insane. 

Top Row: Left to right

Bottom row: Right to left

Have I read books 1-7 in the Outlander series? No, definitely not. Did I buy book 8 because I liked how it felt in my hands? Maybe... just a little bit.

I've already looked through both of these and I'M IN LOVE. Y'all space is beauteous and amazing and I could look at the galaxy all day long. 

The biggest thing that happened this month was for sure ALA! But before I get into that I also want to mention a few smaller things. First off, I finished the school year (Whoop!) I'm so relieved to have time to myself, even if I've been super busy. AND I did well on my exams which I'm also stoked over! 
Actually, I think that's all for the smaller things that happened in June ahaha.

I literally freaked out hardcore when I found out ALA was in Chicago. I usually am unable to attend book conferences because they're either too far away or too expensive. What's great about ALA is it was only a few hours away and the price wasn't too terrible (I'll take $75 over $400+ any day). 

While I've been to the city multiple times, I've never really done tourist-y things there. I mean, I didn't do tourist-y things this time so I'm not sure where I was going with that xD I did, however, walk around a little bit. 

The first night I didn't really do anything except take a bunch of pictures of the view from my hotel room (DOn'T JuDGe) so here's some of those :p

While I was there I got the chance to meet Amber, Cat, Lillie, and a ton of other great book humans!

I only remembered to take pictures with two authors (I KnOW I'm AsHAMed) so here's me with Cindy Pon and Dhonielle Clayton! I look like a potato next to them ahaha

I'm not sure why I didn't set the poster down to take this picture lmao
... aaaaand here are more pictures!

A good chunk of the room was dedicated solely to library technology. There were drones and robots that I thought were super cool even though I'm not a librarian. NASA was also there so OF COURSE I had to hang out at that booth for a while xD

I probably should have made an entire post out of ALA but *shrugs* whatcha gonna do...

I had an AMAZING time and I'm extremely thankful that I was able to go. I may be giving away some of my ARCs throughout the next few months so look out for that!

To wrap things up I'm going to be recommending a blog/ blog post that I read this past month. 
~le post~
7 Reasons why I prefer Young Adult over Adult Books from The Bookavid.
I appreciate any and all of her posts so if you haven't already visited her blog, please do!

So... What did you read in the month of June? Did you get any new books or do anything special?
Thank you so much for reading and have a wonderful day!

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