Bookcitement // July (FINALLY THERE'S TIME TO READ) New Releases

July 03, 2017



It's a new month which means there's *wait for it* NEW RELEASES! I love doing these posts since they allow me (and you!) to fangirl about new books.
I've compiled a list of a few YA books that are releasing in the month of July. If I don't mention one that you're excited for then feel free to tell me in the comments ♡

So without any further ado let's get to talking about ~le books~

The Disappearances by: Emily Bain Murphy

I just discovered this one as I was browsing through July YA releases and it looks super good! It sounds mysterious AND it has great reviews from people I trust. 

The Dragons of Nova by: Elise Kova

I've heard TONS of good things about Elise Kova's books! The Dragons of Nova is book #2 in the Loom saga (which I haven't read but I should probably start :p) 

Because You Love to Hate Me by: Ameriie

A TON of authors and youtubers you know and love contributed to this book but, just for the sake of time, I only mentioned Ameriie. (If you want the full list you can click on the book title above!) I'm not someone who's big on anthologies but Susan Dennard, Renee Ahdieh, Victoria Schwab, and many more book humans contributed so I may have no choice but to pick it up xD (Plus it's a about villains *SCREECH*)

This is How it Happened by: Paula Stokes

This is another book I just discovered but it's about Lying and mistakes so I'm *very intrigued. Plus, I love Paula Stokes and the cover so it sounds like a win win haha. 

The Library of Fates by: Aditi Khorana

I'm currently a third of the way through this one and I'm really enjoying it! I can't wait for y'all to be able to enjoy it with me =D (Plus look at that cover *all the heart eyes*)

The Last Magician by: Lisa Maxwell

I saw this one at ALA and I was super close to getting it because it sounds A-MAZING. It involves a girl who steals magical artifacts in old/new New York (sounds awesome right?!)

The Color Project by: Sierra Abrams

This book sounds super cutesy, I love the cover, AND Sierra Abrams is the bestest (yes she's the bestEST xD) so I can't wait for this one to be out in the world!

Little Monsters by: Kara Thomas

Little Monsters is a psychological thriller (which is honestly enough to convince me that I need it haha). It's for fans of Pretty Little Liars so if you're like me and you like to be shocked I think this one may be for you!

Daughter of the Burning City by: Amanda Foody

I've been eyeing this one for FOREVER and I'm super excited that it's finally releasing this month! Anything that has to do with fantasy, carnivals, and dreams is my piece of cake.

Do you see any books you're excited for?

Thank you for reading and have a wonderful day!

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