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July 14, 2017

Hello, friends!

I wanted to change it up to today with a little bit of a discussion posts (or guide? I guess?) Before we get into things just a little disclaimer that A) While I may have ~knowledge~ I for sure don't know everything when it comes to blogging and B) this post is entirely opinion based because I've got ~opinions~

With that being said let's get into those aforementioned opinions, shall we?

I don't know about anyone else but I'm a sucker for interesting titles. For example: I'm writing a post about my favorite summer reads and I can't decide between two titles.

Title One: Summer Reads 2k17

Title Two: The sun is shining, it's too hot outside, and I'm hibernating with THESE magical summer reads.

Okay. Those weren't the best examples but you get the point. I am 1000% more likely to click to click on the second title because this person sounds relatable AF. Therefore I will probably get enjoyment out of this post. 

While I will occasionally look at posts like TTT & WoW, they're definitely not posts that I'll seek out. I find that a lot of Top Ten Tuesday posts have the exact same answers (especially if they're on topics like what new releases you're excited for) and I find that the comments you get on those posts aren't really genuine. You know what comments I'm talking about; the "Wow I'm excited for these too! Here's my blog link." 
Getting to the point... I'm more likely to click on discussions or lists based off of topics you came up with yourself. With these posts I can count on the fact that it won't be like other posts I've read in the past. 

This one kind of connects to the last tip, in a way.

I LOVE to read rants. Why? Because I like to see how people's opinions vary. We can't all love the same things and that's okay! I like to see why or why not you loved that book you just read. 
Discussions are great as well! I love to see how people feel on various bookish (or even just book-industry) related topics. Opinionated posts are (generally) auto-read posts for me. 

I feel like all of these kind of tie into the "be unique" thing xD

For this particular tip I'm referring to reviews. We all know that it can occasionally be a struggle to get people to actually read your reviews. Soooo I suggest putting a twist on your review! Make a list, bake something, add music, make your review into a poem, etc. The options are endless! A little extra OOMPH will definitely make me flock to your blog.

... and finally, my ultimate tip I can give you is to, comment

I, as well as a plethora of other bloggers, make an effort to always comment back on other blogs. I'd say that, in general, people always appreciate that you took time out of your day to visit their blog. Thus, they'll check out one of your posts to return the favor!

What makes you want to check out someone's post?
Thank you so much for reading and have a wonderful day!

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