Bookcitement // June (HELLO FROM THE OTHER SIDEEEEEEE) New Releases

June 06, 2017


... and it's June! This month is filled with a plethora of beautiful books. (No but really I NEEED all these covers displayed on my wall). I WANT (haha get it because Cindy Pon's book... no... okay I'll leave) all of these new releases and, by the end of this post, maybe you will too...?

Internet Famous by: Danika Stone

The cover for this one is seriously SO. CUTE. I'm always up for a good old fashioned high school, internet famous teen, drama book xD

Once and for All by: Sarah Dessen

I've never read a Sarah Dessen book before (shocking right?!) but maybeeee this will be my first one? The book follows Louna who's the daughter of a famed wedding planner. The book basically sounds like it's going to be cutesy and funny and FABULOUS. 

Song of the Current by: Sarah Tolcser

I hadn't heard of this one but I read a review from Amber over at Dulivre and I'm now convinced that I need it in my life. Romance and badasses and fantasy OH MY.

Our Dark Duet by: Victoria Schwab 

I haven't read book one (which is This Savage Song) but I do own it! I adore the covers of this series and I know ODD is going to be AMAZING because Victoria Schwab wrote it. 

Bad Romance by: Heather Demetrios 

When I first read the synopsis for this book I kind of got a dark Cinderella vibe...? I don't think that's what the book was going for but still. I know I say this all the time but, seriously, the cover is SO FREAKING PRETTY. 

Obsidian and Stars by: Julie Eshbaugh

This is part of another series that I haven't started yet *HIDES* I own book one though and I'm hoping to get to it this summer! (Julie Eshabaugh is also the nicest). 

Want by: Cindy Pon

"[...] set in a near-future Taipei plagued by pollution, about a group of teens who risk everything to save their city."

Doesn't that sound EPIC?!

Now I Rise by: Kiersten White

I read And I Darken (book one) last year and I really really enjoyed it! The characters are interesting and the world is intriguing. I really recommend reading!

The Gentleman's Guide to Vice and Virtue by: Mackenzi Lee

I've been waiting for this one FOREVER and I'm so excited that it's finally coming out this month! I can't wait to meet Percy & Monty ☺

What releases are you excited for this month?

Thank you for reading and have a lovely day!

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  1. I can't wait for Bad Romance!! Just being able to have that cover on my shelf would be such a beauty!


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