April/May|| Month(s)? in Review

June 01, 2017

Hello my beautiful friends! I've been slacking on posting these past two months *SWEATS* so I'm going to be combining my April and May monthly wrap-ups. Fair warning, this post is going to be super long so beware xD

I read five books in the month of April! 


  • The Hate U Give: 5 Stars
  • Milk and Honey: 4 Stars
  • The Melody of You and Me: 4 Stars
  • Blood Rose Rebellion: 2 Stars
  • Night: no rating

I currently have a review of Blood Rose Rebellion ⇢ Here!

.... I only ended up reading 4 books in May.


  • A Court of Wings and Ruin: 3 Stars
  • Day of Tears: 3 Stars
  • Aristotle and Dante: 5 *THOUSAND Stars
  • Stalking Jack the Ripper: 4 Stars

If you want to read my loooong breakdown of thoughts on ACOWAR then you can click here!

While May may (haha... I'll sit down) have been a month of fabulous new releases, I barely bought any new books.

I pre-ordered ACOWAR so I could get the pre-order map. (What can I say? I LIVE for bookish maps). But then I didn't want to wait four days for the book so I got the target edition. The sad thing is I didn't even like the book...
(Shhhhh we all make mistakes xD)

I saw this book on Amazon and I knew I had to snatch it up! How Dare the Sun Rise is written by: Sandra Uwiringyimana. (My goal this year is to be able to successfully pronounce her last name because I SuCk at names). If you want to learn more about the book I highly recommend that you go check it out here!

These past two months have been filled with homework, tests, and a lot of coffee. I'm actively doing color guard again so that's slowly beginning to eat away at my time. Buuuut school is just about done so I'll have way more time to myself very soon. *CHEERS*
I got my first Nerdy Post this month as well as my first Melting Library monthly sampler! I really loved the contents of the boxes and I'll actually be posting unboxings of both boxes on here super soon!
I also feel like it's notable to mention my new blog name! I started blogging three years ago on the Wix platform with a name that, I thought, was AMAZING. Once I moved over to blogger I adopted a name that I came up with on the fly aka "Faith's Bookspiration." I haven't been particularly happy with that name so I (finally) decided to adopt the name " Cozy Sweater Reads!" Something about the name just makes me smile. I hope y'all love the new name as much as I do!

I actually have two blog posts of the month(s) since I technically skipped a month. (Double the fun amiright?!)

AprilThings I Don't Love About Kindles by: Ella from Of Wonderland. This post in particular was super relatable and Ella's GIF game is ON. PoiNT.

MayRiddles Tea Shoppe feature  from Pure Imagination. I always love finding new shops to obsess over so hearing (even more) fantastic things about Juli's shop made me (even more!!!) enthusiastic about these delicious looking bookish teas. 

How was your April/May?

Thanks you for reading and I hope your June is filled with chocolate and amazingness!

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