Review|| Summer of Sloane by: Erin L. Schneider

March 12, 2017

*Thank you to Brittany from Brittany's Book Rambles  for the ARC.

I'm a big fan of shocking first lines and, "The condom must've broke" is a pretty good way to immediately grab my attention.

I was expecting Summer of Sloane to be a cutesy beach contemporary with a touch of romance (and drama just based off the premise.) But what I got was cliché romance overload and drama that made me SUPER anxious. (The last 100 pages OHMYGOODNESS.)

Soooo let's break my thoughts down!

I really enjoyed the setting (cutesy books in Hawaii for the win!) I think the author did a good job of describing the landscape without going overboard. (Which I personally think is important when the landscape isn't vital to the plot.)

The characters were... nothing special. Sloane starts falling for Finn while she's in Hawaii... What's that? Who's Finn? You know, just every cliche male love interest rolled into one character. He's got dark hair, tattoos, a motorcycle, and a troubling back story. Sound familiar? 
I know I sound salty (ahaha) but I really didn't hate Finn. Like all the other characters, I enjoyed seeing how he developed throughout the story. Though, I especially loved seeing how our girl Sloane developed.
She starts out weakened and saddened by her situation (who wouldn't be?!?!) But she gradually comes to terms with her life and learns to do things because she wants to and because they make her happy. 
I also enjoyed Sloane's brother and some of the other side-characters such as Mia, Sloane's bestie in Hawaii, and Finn's little sister. Everyone brought something new to each scene. ☺

One way to immediately make me as salty as the ocean is to throw in stereotypes. In this case, the girl with the big boobs is the slut trying to get with Sloane's man. This was such a small aspect of this book, it probably made up less than 1% of the story, but it bothered me deeply. 
(I just needed to mention that real quick xD)

Sliding away from the negative, I really loved Sloane's parents! They broke away from the constant string of crappy parents we see in YA. While they may have not been present CONSTANTLY you could still tell that they loved their children with all of their hearts. 

Overall: If you're a fan of beach-y romance contemporaries then you'll probably enjoy Summer of Sloane. If you enjoy romance/ friendship drama then you're really going to get a kick out of Summer of Sloane.

Thank you for reading and have an amazing day!

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