March||| A Month in Review

March 31, 2017

Hello again friends!

Before I get into March things I'd like to quickly give y'all an update. You might be able to tell but.... I screwed my blog up xD  I thought I wanted to try a new template, and I liked the template at first, but I couldn't edit it or personalize it. 
.... and because I'm me I didn't save my previous template. Thus my blog looks different. But I've finally gotten Disqus back (THANK GOODNESS) and I sincerely apologize if you've commented in the past week and I haven't replied. Blogger got rid of your comment ☹
I'm striving to make my blog even better than it used to be and I thank you for your patience (since I'm on ThE sTrUGgle bUS lmao.)

Without any further ado... let's get into the struggle that was March 2017!

Soooo I only read 2 books this month; one I started in February. I had some finals along with a plethora of other tests this month and reading seemed like a chore. I feel like when reading becomes work you shouldn't be reading. :/


  • The Bone Witch: 4 Stars
  • Summer of Sloane: 3 Stars

I have full reviews of both of these books! Summer of Sloane Review ⇢ The Bone Witch Review

I actually got Milk & Honey last month buuut it's in the picture anyway haha.

The books pictured:

I was absolutely ecstatic to be contacted by a Bone Season Representative this month!  Thank you for the ARC Shae ♡

*I wasn't able to visit many blogs this month so I don't have a post of the month. I would love if you shared your favorite post in the comments!

My life this month? School. Buuut there were some good things that happened this month! I got an A on all of my finals (WHOOP! WHOOP!) 
I also just got back from seeing Beauty and the Beast! I adored the movie and I think all of the characters were cast perfectly. 
I also got my first order from The Melting Library this month! I've been eyeing bookish candles for the longest time and I'm so excited I finally got my hands on some!

If you want to check out these gorgeous candles then you can click here!

Speaking of exciting bookish candles... I got chosen as a rep this month! *INTERNAL SCREAMING*

The shop is Flattering Candles! Kelly is a lovely person and I highly recommend her candles ♡

*Whispers* My rep code is: Bookspiration10 for 10% off.

Thank you for reading my monthly ramblings and I hope you have an amazing April!

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