Do you know how pants work sir?! Strange Thoughts I have while reading #2

February 08, 2017

You know those thoughts you have while reading? You know the ones. The thoughts that you probably shouldn't be thinking of but you're only human and how can you not?! 

No? Just me?

Well, okay.....

Welcome back, friends! I'm here to bring you another installment of my "Strange Thoughts I Have While Reading" series. My first installment of the series can be found here!

You may be wondering, "Faith, is this going to be as strange and awkward as the last post?" 
My answer to that is yes. Yes it will be times 1000. 

So without further ado... let's get into it.

Why are male characters' pants always hanging just low enough to expose that "infinitely sexy" piece of skin. I... Don't.... Comprehend.... How do you not get annoyed and decide to pull your pants up?

Why won't they just kiss already?!?!

Voice of reason: Faith, they just met a page ago

ASDFGHJKL THAT *insert slew of insults*
(But for real that was me reading The Star-Touched Queen, just saying.) 

Should I DNF this? I never DNF anything! I CAN'T HANDLE DNF-ing THIS. *HEAVY BREATHING*

I saw that one coming from a mile away...


I'm going to finish this book and then go buy ALL the merch because I'm now OBseSSEd 

Why won't they stand up for themself?!?! I. AM. IRKED.

 But you just got into a fight 10 pages ago CALM YO SELF

OOOOOH There's French in this book!!! I know some french!!!!!

Do they speak English? or is this book "translated" from their language so we can understand it? All book characters don't speak English... right?

Do you relate to any of these? 
What do you think about while you're reading?

Thank you for reading and have a wonderful day!

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