Let's talk! Top 3 tips for reading more this year

January 21, 2017

Hello, friends!

So... it's now 2017 (where is the time going?!) and I'm sure we're all searching for ways to read as much as humanly possible. Last year I read 55 books which may not seem like a lot, I know, but I'm getting increasingly better at reading more! 
Today, I wanted to share a few tips that helped me read more. All of these may not work for you but hopefully you find one that does!

This one might seem kind of obvious BUT here's a reminder... Setting aside time to read is important. If you can, I suggest putting aside time to read before bed. Being on electronics before you go to sleep can affect how well you sleep. Reading is a good way to avoid being on a electronics before going to sleep (and it's a fun alternative!)

GUISE. I have been LOVING audiobooks lately! They're fantastic for people who have lots to do and don't have much time to sit down and read a physical book. 
I highly recommend seeing if your local library offers an e-library! If they do, you can probably check out audiobooks for free. (The library is a great thing xD)

I don't know about you but... I. love. social. media. Except when I don't haha.  But it can be one hell of a distraction. I think that if you want to read more you have to build up somewhat of a... resistance to social media? Mmmm no. I think that you just need to get the idea into your head that, right now, reading is more important that le social media. It's more of a mental thing.

This is a shorter post but I hope you found it a little bit helpful! I, for one, sometimes just need to be reminded about some of these :)

Thanks for reading and have a lovely day!

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