Top Ten Fantabulous New Author Humans That I Discovered This Year

December 07, 2016

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 Hello, friends! 

As you may have noticed, I changed my image for TTT posts to accommodate the Holiday Season. (Fun Fact: I LOVEEEEE the Holiday season.)

Today doesn't have a specifically holiday-ish topic BUT I'm still very excited to talk about some fantabulous author humans.

So without further ado let's get started! 

The lovely Shannon M Parker was a 2016 debut author! Her book, The Girl Who Fell, covers the subject of abusive relationships. I'm not generally someone who reads contemporary, or intense stories such as this one, but I ended up really enjoying the book. Shannon's writing was compelling and this book put me on one heck of an emotional roller coaster.

I was lucky enough to read S. Jae-Jones' debut(?) novel, Wintersong, this year. GUYS. THIS. BOOK. It consumed my life while I was reading it. It was SO. ADDICTING. *Calms self* Needless to say, I'll be looking out for anything she writes in the future.

I read Rebel of the Sands earlier this year and it was AMAZING. If you haven't read it yet... then what are you doing?! Also, Alwyn is sassy and fabulous and her tweets give me lifeeee.

There are some mixed reviews for Traci's book, The Reader, but I personally loved it! The book was strange but the good kind of strange. You know? I'm also a huge fan of books with pictures/ unique qualities and The Reader was SUPER unique. I definitely recommend =D

I've never been interested in The Beautiful Creatures series, Co-written by Kami Garcia. I've heard to0 many mixed things and I have piles upon piles of other books to read. #Thebooknerdstruggle amiright? But I did recently read The Lovely Reckless and OH. MY. GOODNESS. I devoured most of the book in one sitting because it was so addicting! If Kami keeps writing stories as delicious as TLR then I'll keep reading.

*Keeps talking about books like they're cupcakes because they basically are*

Soooooo I read my first Colleen Hoover book this year...
I read Confess and I really, really, really enjoyed it! Also Confess has a BEAUTIFUL cover! So that was definitely a bonus :) I'll be reading more from the fabulous Coho from now on...

I didn't get through too many books this year so I haven't discovered a TON of new fantabulous authors. (Which is why this list is only 6 people long.) BUT I'm definitely open to allllll the author/book suggestions. I love finding new books to fall in love with!

What have been some of the best books/authors you've read from this year?

Thanks for reading and have a lovely day!

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  1. Yessss, so many amazing authors! I personally don't like Colleen Hoover's books but I'M VERY GLAD YOU DID. <3 Give them the love I couldn't haha. Also, totally agreed with Alwyn Hamilton's amazing Rebel of the Sands, Traci Chee's quiet but fabulous The Reader, and Kami Garcia's fast-paced The Lovely Reckless. Didn't the ending of Wintersong just kill you?? Totally can't wait for the sequel. Lovely list!

    - Aila @ One Way or an Author


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