MUST.. COMPLETE... READING... GOAL: A compilation of novella reviews

December 30, 2016

I've read 10 books so far this month and 4 of those books were novellas. Yes, yes, I know I didn't plan very well with my reading challenge again shhhh but I did get the chance to read some fabulous short stories this month! I even completed my reading challenge after lowering it three times since I fail at humaning.  
But anyways...

I thought today I would share with y'all the novellas I read in the month of December! (I'm not including The Crown and the Arrow in my review list since it was so short. BUT I did really enjoy it and I need to read The Wrath and the Dawn ASAP!)

I've only read short stories from Leigh Bardugo thus far. But from what I can tell her writing is amazing! The Witch of Duva was creepy, magical, and absolutely enthralling. (I also unashamedly read this on Christmas Eve because nothing says "the holiday's" more than a creepy witch in the woods xD)

I don't think I had read anything written by Marie Rutkoski before I read The Bridge of Snow. I'll definitely have to pick up The Winner's Curse soon, though, since I really enjoyed this story! Like Leigh's novella, it was a little on the darker side. There's some death and some creepiness to it without being too overwhelming.  

I couldn't fit the second half of the synopsis onto my graphic so I'll just summarize it for you here! Basically.....
Dez returns 3 years later but WTF HE'S SMOKING HOT. Jas doesn't want to trust him (for good reason) so she makes up some conditions and if Dez completes all her tasks in 7 days then maybe they could be together 4 ever. 

Obviously this novella was a little cliche. It reminded me of all the other relationships that go on during the course of this series. But I'm also not going to lie to y'all by saying that I hated it. (Dang it why do I have to be a sucker for cliche romances?!)

If you're on the struggle bus, like myself, when it comes to your Goodreads challenge then I recommend reading one of these novellas! I haven't read Shadow and Bone or The Winner's Curse and I was still able to enjoy the companion novellas with little to no confusion. 

Do you have any novella recommendations?

Thank you for reading and have a lovely day!

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