Happy Holiday's & an Exciting Giveaway! *SQUEALS* [CLOSED]

December 25, 2016

Hello, friends!

I'm so so so so (did I mention so?) excited to be bringing y'all a Giveaway today! I think while we can all agree that it's nice to receive gifts, we can also agree that giving gifts gives you such an amazing feeling! 

Before we get any further into this post I just want to have a little bit of a heart to heart with y'all. 

The book/blogging community, while not perfect, has brought so much joy into my life this past year and a half. I'm infinitely grateful for anyone and everyone who comments/follows the blog/interacts with me on Twitter and Instagram/is just plain amazing (*cough* I'm looking at you lovely reader)
Thank you. Thank you, thank you, thank you.


Let's get to the giveaway, shall we?

Since it's the Holiday season I wanted to give back to you guys. I've decided to host a giveaway where you can win (ONLY ONE OF THE FOLLOWING ITEMS:)
A tote/15 oz mug/notebook from my all time FAVORITE S6 design creator: Evieseo. If you haven't checked her out you kind find her shop here. Evie is extremely talented and I think everyone should own at least one of her designs!
Update: If Society6 ships to your country then you can enter!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I hope that everyone has had a lovely holiday!

Thank you 100000 times over for visiting!

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