Adventures of a Book Girl|| Meeting Marissa Meyer on her Heartless tour!

December 21, 2016

I'm back to do another installment in my "Adventures of a Book girl" series! I haven't done one of these posts in 5 EVER and I'm excited to fangirl once again with y'all =D

(I have two posts thus far in my AOABG series! You can find the first two posts here!)

Without further ado...


When I traveled to Chicago to meet Rae Carson and Sarah Prineas, last year, I took one of my bestest friends. So of course I had to take my friend on another bookish adventure! (Especially since Marissa is our queen.)
Plus, book events are always much more fun when you have a friend!

We set off for Chicago around 11:00 in the morning and we ended up getting there around 1:30 (with a one hour time-zone difference.) 

Let me just say.... my friend had never listened to Hamilton. Since my Hamilton obsessed brain couldn't handle this news, I made her listen to the entire Hamilton soundtrack on our way there.


Now she's Hamilton obsessed *evil laughter*


*Skip a few hours ahead to the event*

If you went to a Heartless tour stop then you may know that Marissa plays a series of games with the crowd. I honestly loved the crowd of people that came to that tour stop! They made the games so much more interesting.

One of the games was where she had cards and you had to go up there, pull a card, and the card would be your occupation. (The person that got "opera singer" honestly gave me life ahaha.)

She also eventually did a Q&A! I asked her, "What would the Lunar Chronicles characters be if they were desserts?" which got me many weird looks. BUT if I have to get weird looks in order to confirm that Thorne is indeed a Tuxedo cake, then everything is worth it.

SPEAKING OF DESSERTS... I almost forgot to mention, but, before the games started there was a tea/cookie bar and I LOOOOVE cookies and tea... and food in general. so that was a HUGE win for me, honestly. xD
I took very few pictures at this event (because I failed epically haha) so to give you a visual of what I envisioned when looking at the cookie table I'll use a GIF:

... Yep pretty much.

Must.... eat... cookies...

*skip ahead another 2 hours*

It took a century to get to the front of the line but it was definitely worth it. Marissa Meyer is such a sweet heart and I 10000% recommend that you meet her if you can! 
(Plus her outfit was KILLING IT. It was fantabulous and amazing and UGH it was the best!)

Overall I had an amazing time! Book signings/author events are super fun for me to attend and I can't wait to meet many more amazing authors in the future!

What's the best book event you've been to?
Thanks for reading and I hope you have a wonderful day!

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