A life update thingy||| Where I've been & LE BOOKS & A Month in Review (November Edition!)

December 08, 2016

Hello book humans!!! *all the huggles*

*Warning: This post is going to be ginormous*

You may or may not have noticed but throughout the fall I've been pretty nonexistent in the blogosphere. There's a few reasons for that including....

Marching band 
Okay so the season ended, for me, on the first weekend of November (so a little while ago.) But that was kind of why I literally stopped blogging in October. If you've ever been in marching band (or any sport for that matter) then you'll know that it can be time consuming... very time consuming.

I think we can all agree that homework sucks xD
Unlike queen Rachel from A Perfection Called Books or the fabulous Nori from ReadWriteLove28 I suck at managing my time. (ESPECIALLY when it comes to school.)

Lack of inspiration
I'm not someone who likes to only post TTT's or WoW's. Don't get me wrong they can be hella fun to write up. But they aren't the most unique posts out there and I'm big on reading/putting out more unique content. I don't feel like I've been doing that for a few months now so I'm hoping to get some unique posts out, soon :)

What have I been doing while I haven't been blogging?

Well, I've been doing homework and I've been reading a lot more! I'm super behind on my Goodreads challenge, 18 books behind, but I'm hopeful haha.

Without having the pressure of posting I've been able to indulge in reading a lot more (and it's been amazing!!!)

I read a total of *checks Goodreads* four books last month. I'm on the reading struggle bus this year ahaha. But all the books I read were, at least, four star books!



The Lovely Reckless

(I don't have any posts to compile since I only posted once in November xD)

I didn't really read any blog posts this month *cries* BUT Brittany from Brittany's Book Rambles updated her website not too long ago and I LIVE for the design. 

(But seriously if you haven't seen the design yet you need to see it's gorgeousness!!!!)

I'm not sure how interesting this post was (haha) but if you made it all the way through *HANDS ALL THE COOKIES*

What have you been reading lately?
Thank you for reading and have a lovely day!

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