Review||| The Lovely Reckless by: Kami Garcia

November 11, 2016

I apologize for not posting in FOREVER. I miss the blogging community and I'm happy that I'm back to posting!

But while I was gone I got to read the book we'll be talking about today aka The Lovely Reckless.

So if you've been on Bookstagram within the past month then you'll know that The Lovely Reckless was advertised LIKE. CRAZY. (I didn't mind it, though. The cover is so so pretty!)


A week or two back I caved and checked it out from my school library. I started it but wasn't really invested. Then IT happened.

I was bored and I decided to read. 

... and then I got invested.

Like, I read the remaining 300 pages in one sitting, invested.

I think what pushed me away from the story in the beginning was the addition of a dysfunctional family. Bad parents in YA so the main character(s) can do whatever they want is so annoyingly common. I definitely don't think the opening scene made the best impression on me, personally.

But once I got farther in I was definitely into the story. 

The romance is insanely addictive. INSANELY.

The tension between Marco and Frankie was extremely palpable and I was living for it. (I don't think I've been this excited about a couple since I read ACOMAF in May ahaha.)

I don't think I particularly connected with Frankie but I did really like her as a character. She definitely had some personal growth throughout the story. She learns to fight for herself, which I can definitely appreciate. 

I wasn't particularly a fan of Frankie's interactions with her parents.(Which were very limited.) They were all pretty negative. I hate when parents are just straight up bad people. I did, however, end up appreciating Frankie's mom just slightly towards the ending of the book but besides that her mom, dad, and step-dad didn't really seem to have many remaining qualities. 

I don't know about you but I'm someone who appreciates sassy, strong, badass side characters *cough* who I wish I was friends with.

Cruz was definitely one of those people. She knows how to take care of herself, she's a badass car racer AND she's loyal to her friends. What more can you ask for in a bestie?!?! Overall I just really enjoyed her as a character.

Two words.

Marco. Leone.

*fans self*

Y'all why can't Marco be real? He was the perfect mix of sexy bad boy and caring family guy. The infinite love he had for his little sis had me loving him even more because AWEEEEE. 

Now I don't want to say much about the story line because that's for you to discover on your own. BUT I can say that the ending messed. me. up.

The last 60 pages went by super quickly since I NEEDED to know what was going to go down. (If you've read it you knowwww.)

Overall I enjoyed the story as a whole. There was an underlying concept of family that I loved as well as the entire concept of street racing. Street racing definitely isn't a typical thing to base a YA novel off of and I loved seeing something different!


"'Fear is like a ten-cent magician. If you watch the trick a couple of times, you see the flaws and you know how the magician is doing it. But the first time, that same trick looks good. When we're scared we don't always think things through. We react. It's human nature. Fear can make the wrong decision feel right.'"

I would recommend this book to contemporary lovers who enjoy fast-paced stories.

Have you read TLR? What are your thoughts?
Thanks for reading and I hope you have an amazing day!

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