Review||| Daughter of Smoke and Bone by: Laini Taylor

October 07, 2016

I discovered Daughter of Smoke in my school library back in... 2013 I think. (Wow it's been a while.) 

I thought, yeah I'm not reading that the mask is hella creepy. (Yes this used to be my thought process.) 

Despite my previous thoughts I ended up getting it from the library and reading it that year. Not going to lie, the entire book confused the heck out of me. But I just kind of went with what other people were saying and I rated it five stars and said: WOW that was AMAZING!

(This was before the creation of my blog.)

Then I decided it was time for a re-read. I finished my re-read of DOSAB this year and let me just tell you, it's so much better the second time! I may not have been surprised by the ending but it's so much more enjoyable when you aren't confused out of your mind.

It was great getting to re-visit Karou, Akiva, Mik (?) and Zuzana. Guys, Zuzana is MY FAVORITE. She's sassy, she loves cake, and she's an all around amazing friend. (Why can't Zuzana be my bestie?!) There's some amazing characters in the DOSAB trilogy but Zuzana may just be my absolute favorite. 

Since I wasn't confuzzled this time around I was able to focus on the amazing world Laini has created. Laini does an outstanding job when it comes to creating and atmosphere. I shudder at just the thought of Eretz. With its monsters, angels, and constant war. 

You may get confused while reading DOSAB, I know I did. But that's because of the intricate story line. There's so many details, so many pieces of the puzzle, that all come together to ultimately form a shocking finale. And, you know what, I can appreciate that. Laini put so much thought into the story and, it's very evident. Her writing is lyrical, almost, which is something else I love about this book. 

This isn't going to be as long as some of my other reviews but that's okay. I'm going to wrap this post up by saying: I don't think this trilogy is for everyone but if you love high fantasy and you like the little things in stories then give DOSAB a go! 


"'Peace is more than the absence of war. Peace is accord. Harmony.'"

I would recommend this book to lovers of high fantasy.

Read if you've enjoyed ... I literally have nothing I can compare DOSAB to. It's pretty... unique.

I created a Pinterest board for this fabulous book that you can view here! 

Thanks for reading and have a lovely day!

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