July||| A month in review

August 01, 2016

{Ignore the fact that I got carried away with the fonts.}

I've never done one of these monthly wrap- up thingies before. So I figured that maybe I should start...?

These posts will allow me to put my monthly book haul and wrap-up in a single post. They will also allow me to share what I did during the month.

So without further ado let's get into July's monthly review!

>>>I participated in the Biannual Bibliothon towards the beginning of the month and I was able to get four books read. FOUR. I also participated in the Booktubeathon, which was a few weeks ago, but I didn't read much. I, sadly, wasn't feeling as enthusiastic about the booktubeathon this year as I have in past years. Despite this I still was able to read two books.
This month I read a grand total of books!!!

I haven't been the best at reading this year, so getting nine books read feels AMAZING. I'm almost through all of my ARCs *cheers*

What books did I read, you may ask?

Not pictured: Tell the wind and Fire/// The Scorpio Races

~It Get's Worse by: Shane dawson {4/5}
~Catacomb by: Madeleine Roux {3.5/5}
~Sanctum by: Madeleine Roux {3/5}
~The Darkest Minds by: Alexandra Bracken {4.5/5}
~Whisper to Me by: Nick Lake {4/5}
~The Assassin's Blade by: Sarah J Mass {5/5}
~The Museum of Heartbreak by: Meg Leder {4/5}
~Tell the Wind and Fire by: Sarah Rees Brennan {3.5/5}
~The Scorpio Races by: Maggie Stiefvater {4/5}

I'll have my thoughts on the readathon books up soon, hopefully. (I don't want to spam everyone with reviews so there will be some reviews combined to form one post.)
Overall I'd say my reading month has been pretty successful!

This month I got a grand total of 7 books. {For under $40, too!} 
I went to Half Price Books for the first time EVER and got six out of the seven books. My experience was AMAZING and I'll hopefully be able to go back soon. (If only there was a HPB in my state.)  *le sigh*

I got:
{I also ordered a few books but they aren't here yet}

I've already read It Gets Worse and I really enjoyed it! 
On the right side of the picture are the books I got from Half Price Books. Burn for Burn and Die For Me were both 3 dollars (how can I pass that up?!?!) All the other books were under 10 dollars. Once I started putting books in my basket I couldn't stop. I... I went a little book crazy.

In the month of July I didn't post... that much. I believe I only got four posts in *cringes* The majority of my posts were reviews.

I'd also like to start sharing my favorite post(s) from the month. I read and ended up really loving this post from Jess of Princessica of Books.

The post is titled: "What Matters Most: # of books, pages, or quality?" and you can view it here! I 10/10 recommend checking it out!

Like I mentioned before, I participated in the Booktubeathon. Which means that I also participated in a few of the Instagram challenges. My favorite picture that I did had to be this one, though.

I think that's about all for this post! I didn't do much this month but I'm hoping to get tons of stuff done before I go back to school.

Thanks for reading and have a lovely day!

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