Discussion||| Why I've loved writing reviews lately *she says indecisively*

July 08, 2016

Today I wanted to discuss the bane of many bloggers' existence's: Writing reviews.

Aka something I've been loving lately.

(I'm pretty sure I actually have a post on how much I despise writing reviews that I wrote a few months ago.)
So basically I have an ever changing opinion when it comes to reviews...

Will I ever make up my mind? 

*le sigh*


So why is it that I've been loving writing reviews so much lately?

Well, something about writing and posting is just really... satisfying. For me, at least, it feels like finding the right things to say in a review is like having to overcome a mountain. When I write and post a review it feels like I've overcome said mountain.

Not the best analogy out there but watcha going to do...

Not only this but I've been getting more interaction on my reviews (which is absolutely amazing!) 
Having a review out in the world means that other book lovers have the opportunity to comment and tell you their thoughts on the book you've just reviewed.

Also, the feeling I get when I find out that I've convinced someone to read a book I've really enjoyed is incredible. 
Knowing I've helped out an author makes me feel amazing as well. Authors work really hard and promoting their book is almost like... a payback for the beautiful words they've written.

So I'll just end on that note.

I know this wasn't the longest post ever but I think I got in everything I wanted to say :)

Thank you for reading and have a lovely day!

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