Review ||| The Merciless by: Danielle Vega

April 04, 2016

Rating: 3.5/5

Series: Standalone

Page Count: 279

Published: June 12th, 2014

Publisher: Razorbill


"Forgive us, Father, for we have sinned

Brooklyn Stevens sits in a pool of her own blood, tied up and gagged. No one outside of these dank basement walls knows she’s here. No one can hear her scream.
Sofia Flores knows she shouldn’t have gotten involved. When she befriended Riley, Grace, and Alexis on her first day at school, she admired them, with their perfect hair and their good-girl ways. They said they wanted to save Brooklyn. They wanted to help her. Sofia didn’t realize they believed Brooklyn was possessed.
Now, Riley and the girls are performing an exorcism on Brooklyn—but their idea of an exorcism is closer to torture than salvation. All Sofia wants is to get out of this house. But there is no way out. Sofia can’t go against the other girls . . . unless she wants to be next. . . .
In this chilling debut, Danielle Vega delivers blood-curdling suspense and terror on every page. By the shockingly twisted end, readers will be faced with the most haunting question of all: Is there evil in all of us?"


 The Merciless wasn't a planned read, it just kind of happened. I went into this book expecting to be a little freaked out. People were telling me that it was going to be gory, but of course I didn't take this to heart. Then I read it and, well....

It definitely didn't start out scary. The first little bit of the story was just our MC in a high school setting mixed with a few hints of what was to come. The popular group of girls that "adopts" Brooklyn into their friend group was... off. If I hadn't been sure that they weren't completely sane at the start of the book, I was definitely sure when they tried to give Brooklyn a christening in the school bathroom. (Hint: she was definitely almost drowned.) 

In between the normal and the full out crazy scenes with all the torture, there were scenes that were creepy. I personally love those scenes because they leave you wondering. Was that actually real? Or was that just Brooklyn's imagination?

Then there were of course the full out torture scenes. I'll admit that I had to look away from the book a few times. I was actually reading The Merciless at school and people asked me if I was okay, since I was probably cringing. Thinking about the torture made me cringe while typing this... Basically, the hundred or so pages of torture were vivid and Vega did an A+ job when it came to descriptions.

Though I do have to say, the ending was what really sold me on the book. The ending was pretty jaw-dropping, and of course very creepy. It was completely unexpected and I, of course, have to give the author credit for this.

But why did I only give this book a 3.5 stars?

Well, I wasn't blown away by most of the book. Torture isn't particularly my thing and I was kind of over it after fifty, blood-filled pages. The story didn't feel like it had much of a plot. The main parts of the story were focused on the kidnapping and torturing of a girl who is believed to be possessed. 
I also couldn't personally relate to any of the characters. Though, I think if you've had to move schools and you've had to go through the "making new friends" dilemma you could definitely relate to the mc in some ways. 

Overall, The Merciless was a fast-paced read that was pretty terrifying at some points.

I would recommend this book to people who enjoy scenes of terror, violence, and suspense. 

Read if you've enjoyed Stephen King's novels.

Thanks for reading and have a lovely day!

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