Love for The Crown's Game

April 20, 2016

So the lovely Evelyn Skye is currently looking for a "major-general" for the Tsar's Guard. So of course I had to at least try to become the major-general, even if my chances of actually making it are pretty low xD

But some of you may ask, what is the Tsar's Guard?

Well, The Tsar's Guard is "an international army of pre-release fans of The Crown’s Game" as Evelyn describes it. I highly recommend signing up for the Tsar's Guard if you're excited for the release of The Crown's Game in May!
 ----> Sign up here!


I've decided that, starting Friday, I will be sharing one reason why I'm excited for The Crown's Game. Every. Single. Day. 
Yep, that's right. Every single day until it's release on the 17th of May I will be sharing TCG love, mainly on my Twitter: @bookandbrunette.

I'm SO excited for TCG and I hope that by sharing love I'll be able to convince even more people that this is a must read book! 

Finally, don't forget to add The Crown's Game on Goodreads here! 

TCG Month of love on Twitter:

Thank you so much for reading!
Have a lovely day.

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