Bookish Pet Peeves: The cover model

March 28, 2016

 I LOVE books. Why else would I devote a blog to them? However, there are some bookish things that irk me. Love triangles, cover changes, etc. But what I want to discuss today is the dreaded cover model.

But, Faith, what's wrong with cover models? Have you seen the cover of Walk on Earth a Stranger? IT'S BEAUTIFUL. 

WOEAS is one of the books that does cover models the right way. I mean, it really is beautiful. But there are some cover designers that just don't understand that there's an art to the cover model. It only works in some situations. 

 These are all examples of books where cover models have worked beautifully! Notice how there is something else on the cover that draws your attention like a dress, the selection series; Colors/editing, WOEAS; or background scenery, Doon. None of these books have a a closeup of the models face. (Which you'll see later in the post.) 

Pretty much the only cover(s) on my shelf that I would not show in public are the covers on JLA's books. My biggest problem with these covers is 1.) They're not pretty and 2.) They have closeups of the cover model's faces. (Okay, maybe Origin doesn't but it's just not the best looking cover-model oriented cover.)
Cover's like the one's displayed don't leave much to the imagination. They don't let reader's imagine the character's. They instead force upon reader's an image of what they think the character's should look like.
These books wouldn't sell good if people were judging them based off the cover, as people often do. 
They say, "This is going to be a romance book that has nothing but romance and romance alone." which can be a real turn off to some people.

Overall I guess I would say that cover model's are not completely horrible. They just have to be done right. 

I'd love to know what you guys think of models on the front of books!

Thanks for reading and have a lovely day!

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  1. WALK ON EARTH A STRANGER is such a beautiful cover!! And also love the ones who have great typography? <3 They look super beautiful!

    Sil @ TBV


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