Review: Asylum by: Madeleine Roux

February 14, 2016

Asylum by: Madeleine Roux

Rating: 3.5/5

Series: Asylum, #1

Format: Paperback

Page Count: 313 

Published: August 20th, 2013

Publisher: Harperteen


"Asylum is a thrilling and creepy photo-novel perfect for fans of the New York Times bestseller Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children.

For sixteen-year-old Dan Crawford, New Hampshire College Prep is more than a summer program—it's a lifeline. An outcast at his high school, Dan is excited to finally make some friends in his last summer before college. But when he arrives at the program, Dan learns that his dorm for the summer used to be a sanatorium, more commonly known as an asylum. And not just any asylum—a last resort for the criminally insane.

As Dan and his new friends, Abby and Jordan, explore the hidden recesses of their creepy summer home, they soon discover it's no coincidence that the three of them ended up here. Because the asylum holds the key to a terrifying past. And there are some secrets that refuse to stay buried.

Featuring found photos of unsettling history and real abandoned asylums and filled with chilling mystery and page-turning suspense, Madeleine Roux's teen debut, Asylum, is a horror story that treads the line between genius and insanity."


I'm a huge wuss when it comes to reading horror. It doesn't matter what the scare factor is, I just tend to avoid horror of any kind.

... So obviously I signed up for the YA Horror reading challenge.

Asylum is one of the first horror books that I've read in a long  time. 

A REALLY long time.

I was actually sent the entire trilogy (thank you Madeleine!) so obviously I had to read it sooner or later.
Beforehand, I looked up what people were rating the book on average only to find that a large majority were giving it around three stars. Of course, that didn't keep me away from the book.

After reading it I can officially say that it definitely wasn't as bad as a lot of people are saying! I was entertained throughout the entire book and it definitely kept me coming back for more.

Let me just say that the pictures were a huge plus for me. They were creepy and they communicated some things that weren't as clear in the writing (if that makes any sense.)

I didn't dislike any of the characters. In fact, I really loved how close the friends become in this group. However, I didn't really feel a connection to any of the characters. Though I could relate to the main character, Dan, in a way because we are both more introverted. But overall I would say that I felt very little for the characters as a whole.

Like I said before, the story was enjoyable. I wanted to keep coming back so I could find out what would happen next. But at times the storyline became... confusing in a way. Not so much confusing as lacking. The "big reveal" at the end didn't leave me gasping or surprised. I was more like "well, that just happened" (which isn't a particularly good thing.) 
I didn't feel immersed in the story or the characters like I would have liked to have been.

Overall I feel like there could have been a little bit more of a shock factor. I'm a huge wuss when it comes to horror, of any variety, and I wasn't freaked out in any part of this book.

Okay maybe just one part. I mean, wouldn't this freak you out:

"You can be one of them, too. You can be immortal. Bend you, pose you, with a smirk or a frown. I'm waiting one the fifth floor, Daniel, to sculpt you."

How would you feel if you got a text from a stranger that said that while you're alone in a college dorm?!?!

I'd recommend Asylum to: people who want a shorter read (OR) anyone who chickens out when it comes to horror but wants to try to get into the genre.

Favorite Quote:

"Insanity is relative. It depends on who has who locked in what cage."

(Quoted from Ray Bradbury)

Thank you for reading and have a lovely Valentines Day!


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  1. Aw that's actually too bad it wasn't as scary as you had hoped. This was me with Blood and Salt. I ended up DNF it because I wanted scary and it wasn't. :P

    I haven't read these books and haven't had a strong desire just because they're out of my normal genre but I'm glad you enjoyed it well enough. But good for you for trying to do something out of your contort zone!


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