I'm going on Hiatus

February 25, 2016

So it's been a little bit since I posted my last post. Over a week, in fact. For this post I don't really want to have much of an intro, I'd much rather just get into it.

As you can tell by the title I'm going on a hiatus.
 I've been thinking about taking a break for a few weeks now, maybe even a month or so, and it just seemed like now was a good time to finally take that break.

But why am I going on break?

Well, I'm not happy with the work I've been putting out into the book community. My bookstagram has gone down hill as far as quality, I haven't posted in three weeks, and I never interact with anyone anymore. I would really like it if I could take good, quality pictures again without feeling like it's a major chore.

I'm definitely not happy with the content I've been putting out on my blog. The majority of my posts are either reviews or memes and that's not something I'm happy about. Though memes are something to help fill my everyday blogging goal I don't think that they should be super prominent in my blog feed, and that's starting to happen.
I want to get back to writing posts that I'm proud of. 



The destroyer of my bookish life.
I'm someone who procrastinates 24/7. In fact I procrastinate so much that it's starting to become a problem to my sleep schedule and my everyday life. I wait to do HW until about 10 pm and when I finally finish around 11 pm I may write a super half-hearted blog post that is really low quality. I know I need to fix this but it's hard once you develop a routine.
During my hiatus I'd like to try and fix my procrastination problem. Finishing HW earlier means more time for book related things.

I just realized how long this post is so I'm going to stop there.

I plan on being gone for at least the rest of February. That's not super long but we'll see how things go. I should be out for no more than 2 weeks. In between this time you can always talk to me on Twitter :)

Bye for now lovely readers 

Thanks for reading and have a lovely rest of the month!

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