"Faiths Bookspiration" turns one! *Cheers*

February 07, 2016

Why, yes, that is Truthwitch in the picture below...

If you follow me on Twitter you may have seen that I totally forgot about my blogoversary was super excited for my blogoversary! It's hard for me to believe that it's been a whole year since I started this blog.

... and let me just say, a whole lot has happened in just one year of blogging.

What I've done:

I wrote a grand total of: 129 blog post (130 including this post)
Not too shabby for a blogging newbie if I do say so   myself.

I got a grand total of: 9, 192 views!
I've been getting a lot more views in the past few months (which makes me super happy!)

I reviewed a total of: 28 books
(I need to up my book reading game xD)

I received my first physical ARC from a publisher
(There was a lot of squealing involved)

I went to two book signings and got the chance to meet 11 different authors (!!!)
Including: Rae Carson, Susan Dennard, Victoria Schwab, Sarah Prineas, and many others...

I started using Twitter! (This doesn't seem like a huge accomplishment but it is in my eyes. Twitter has done a ton for, not only my blog, but for me as well.)

I met a ridiculous amount of blogger friends through Twitter! It's been absolutely amazing being able to interact with other booklovers, like myself.

Speaking of amazing bookish friends...

Bookish people of amazingness:

As  mentioned above, I met some amazing people on Twitter! I just want to take a moment to mention a few people (and when I say a few people I actually mean I'm going to mention a MAHOOSIVE amount of people.)

All the hugs for the Fire Clan

Being part of the Truthwitch street team was an absolutely amazing experience. I met so many amazing people. But I specifically want to say thank you to the Fire Clan. 
Sondra, Em, Aneli, Jana, Megan I freaking adore all of you. You guys have made me laugh, and cry-laugh (craugh? no that's something entirely different) Skyping with you guys is always amazing and hilarious. 
(... and thank you Megan for reminding me that Veggie Tales is a necessity in life.)

Bloggers that inspired me 

Being a blogger newbie was... hard? I guess it has been hard in a sense. When I first started blogging I had zero idea what I was doing (and it shows in my first few posts.) But once I discovered Twitter and a ton of other bloggers, there were a few that really stood out to me. I could look up to these people when I needed blogging inspiration/ motivation. These bloggers overall inspired me to be a better blogger.

Nori (@Readwritelove28)
When I first entered the blogging community I didn't really have any friends. But Nori's RQWN chat really changed that. It allowed me to meet new people (new fabulously amazing people) and I will be forever be grateful for that.
Nori is one of those people that you want to be friends with. She has such a lovely personality and is always willing to help out other bloggers. Plus, she is super good at planning ahead. Nori, teach me your organizational ways.

Rachel (@yaperfectionist)
First off can I just say that everything about A Perfection Called Books is... well... perfection. I definitely aspire to be as amazing of a blogger as Rachel is. Not only is she an amazing blogger but she's also super fun to talk to :)

Sarah (@whatsarahread) 
I believe Sarah's blog was one of the first blog's I'd discovered on the blog-o-sphere. She's definitely been a huge blogging inspiration for me overall. (Plus, Sarah knows how to make the most GORGEOUS book edits.)

Jen (@Starryeyedjen)
The Starry-Eyed Revenue was also one of the very first blogs I discovered. I remember stumbling upon Jen's site and I was in love immediately. It has such a gorgeous design and the posts are amazing as well. (How could Jen not be a blogging inspiration?!)

Hafsah (@hafsahfaizal)
Everything about Hafsah is inspirational. Her blog is amazing, her design skills are amazing, everything about her is amazing. In conclusion, Hafsah is amazing. I think every blogger can aspire to be as successful as her :)

Jamie (@brokeandbookish)
Jamie is an overall lovely person. Like many others on this list, she has a fabulous blog (the design is adorable!) AND she has a cute dog (Sorry I just had to mention the dog.)

Amazing Twitter/Blogger friends

I started becoming more active in the Twitter area of the blogging community in... August, I believe. Since then, I've talked to (and met) so many amazing people. Be prepared for a long, long list of love :P

Some of the original people I talked to included:
Cat, Gabi, and Brittany. 
Cat, your kindness is infectious and I want to thank you for talking to me and just being an overall nice person. You've made me laugh when I wasn't feeling super happy and I adore you for it. 
Gabi, little fish, unicorn of magicalness, I'm so happy that I've gotten the chance to talk to you. You can make me smile at the most random times. Thank you for being the unicorn that you are. 
Brittany, I remember the first time we discovered that we both love apple cider xD Your love for the Grisha trilogy is admirable (I mean HOLY WOW the Leigh Bardugo dedication is real.) I love talking to you in general *all the huggles*

Lovely friends that need to be mentioned:
Ale, Nanna, Helena, Rachana, Alyssa, Karina, Alexandra, Nova, Sarah, Lillie, Tika, other Alyssa, Angel, Isha, Aila, Cyra, Mishma, Wesaun, Sarena, Kelly, Aentee, Jacquelyn, Claudia, Andye, Sky, Becky, Kelly, Deanna, Liran, Jess, Tamara, Alexandra, Tiffany, Amber, Cilla, Alex, Ava, and Maryam.

I want to give all of you hugs. Thank you, thank you, thank you for all the conversations. I'm so happy to have met all of you guys ♡♡♡


So I wish I could giveaway a book but I can't really do that as of right now. BUT I do have a giveaway going on on my Twitter right now! I'm giving away some signed swag =D

Overall, I think I've had a pretty good blogging year! I'm so happy that I decided to start "Faiths Bookspiration" 

Thank you for reading and have a lovely day!

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  1. Oh Faerie Fae, I feel so honored that I was mentioned in this post! You're one of my favorite new bloggers, and I really hope we continue to connect! Love ya girl!

  2. Gasp! It's only been a year?? You've done so much in so little time, I'm hella impressed!!! Can't wait to see what Year 3 brings lady ❤❤

  3. Gasp! It's only been a year?? You've done so much in so little time, I'm hella impressed!!! Can't wait to see what Year 3 brings lady ❤❤


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