Why I don't read the back of a book a.k.a the synopsis

January 28, 2016

You may have noticed that in a lot of my reviews I state that I haven't read the synopsis.

Just an example from my review of Truthwitch:

... and that's the truth

But some of you may be wondering why I don't read the synopsis of books... Okay probably no one has been wondering that but I'd at least like to give an explanation.


Do you read the synopsis? Even a little bit?

Okay, yes, I can admit to taking a peek at a synopsis from time to time. But only if I'm completely confused on the plot line. Otherwise.... not really.

Ummm then how do you decide on what books to read?

 I'll admit to being someone who relies heavily on the cover... or from recommendations. If I'm browsing a bookstore and I see a book a ton of people have loved then I'm bound to reach for it.


I don't read synopsis's of books for one main reason. That reason being spoilers. I'm someone who considers even the little things as spoilers (i.e character love interests, general direction of plot, etc.) I love going into books not knowing what's going to happen. Nothing is better, or worse, than crying your eyes out because "I didn't see that coming OMFG."
As I've said, I'm someone who likes that feeling. Sometimes the synopsis can kill the feeling because it's almost like an overview of what's to come in a book.

It's really just a personal preference, though. 

In conclusion, I'm basically just a big weirdo.... ?
Yep, basically.

Do you ever avoid reading the synopsis of a book?
(or am I completely alone....)

Thanks for reading and have a lovely day!

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  1. Oh I HAVE to read the synopsis, sometimes twice.

    Although I don't always read the synposis completely. If it says something in the first line that I ilke or is written by an author that I adore, I'm more willing to add it to my shelves without peaking at the back!

    So no, you're not a complete weirdo! :p


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