What's small, kicks butt, and (when manipulated just right) can get you excited to read? Taglines.

December 11, 2015

I was just lying around, avoiding homework, and came up with the idea to do a post completely focused on book tag lines. Being me, from time to time I'm super lazy and won't read the synopsis of a book, sometimes the cover is enough to persuade me for or against. But a good tagline can convince me that I NEED the book. Sometimes one badass sentence is all you really need to get you interested. I had fun going through all my books and looking for tag lines that I thought would be... interesting. I'll admit that I haven't read all of these books but you know there's always next year.
There are suspenseful tag lines, creepy tag lines, cutesy tag lines, and even tag lines that coordinate with the title. But most give you some reason to get excited to read the book.

Tag lines that coordinate with the title

The first book that came to mind for this category was Don't Look Back by: Jennifer L. Armentrout. 

"Don't Look Back
 you won't like what you find."

is a brilliant use of a tagline. I know that between the creepy cover and the tagline I couldn't wait to start this book! 

(P.S it was amazing so please pick it up if you haven't already :)

Tag lines that contrast with the book cover

"Sometimes live chooses you" is the tagline for Forbidden by: Tabitha Suzuma. This specific line could be used on a summery contemporary as well. However the line mixed with the creepy cover gives it an eerie twist. I mean it is about incest.... *awkward silence*
*casually moves on*
"Curiouser and curiouser!" is the line used for Through the Zombie by: Gena Showalter. While you say the tagline in a more perky fashion the cover sends a different message. (Yes, it took me a few months to finally notice the zombie girl reflection xD)

The intense tag lines that win at life (aka Shatter me tag lines)

As far as physical appearance these books have it all. I mean, the covers are gorgeous, but those tag lines though. 

"Fear will learn to fear me"  

Such a badass line!

Aren't you at least a tiny bit interested to see what the book is all about, to explore the story further? Of course you are! 

"They want to find me. I will find them first."


"My touch is lethal. My touch is power."


Who comes up with such brilliant lines?

A magical wizard?

(I think yes)

Ooooooooh what's that one about? tag lines

Everything about Six of Crows draws readers in. From the gorgeous cover, to the title, to the black stained pages, to the bold red letter words. 
That's right.
It's hard not to notice them, the red is a huge contrast from the blacks and grays of the book. They jump out at you and you MUST read them. 


and BAM you want to read the book. Who are these dangerous outcasts?!?!? What's the impossible heist?!?! You need to know!

First thing you notice about Red Queen is it's GORGEOUS AMAZING BEAUTIFUL FANTABULOUS COVER. As your eyes scan this masterpiece you come upon a tagline that reads:


Between the bloody crown and the tagline that promises some political controversy (probably in a royal family) you can't help but be drawn to the book.
*buys so fast*

This post has been brought to you by:


I had a ton of fun writing this post and I hope you had 
just as much fun reading it :) 

In the comments tell me what your favorite tagline is (or if you love any of the tag lines mentioned in this post.)

Thanks so much for reading and have a magical day


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  1. Six of Crows definitely has a GREAT tag line! I also love when they coordinate with the title. Great post! <3

  2. I didn't enjoy the Shatter Me books a lot but I have to agree that the taglines are genius! I have to admit that that was what initially drew me to the first book. :3

  3. Fear will learn to fear me is one badass line omg!! I need this book in my life based on that alone!

  4. I LOVE TAGLINES! when i book doesnt have one i'm like, "waaaah?!" awesome post!


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