Nanowrimo-ing is hard: An update on my nanowrimo experience... thus far

November 03, 2015

As many of you may know Nanowrimo (or National Novel Writing month) began only a few days ago and can I just say that I'm already tired. This is my first year actually participating in Nano (I mean I signed up last year but I did absolutely nothing lol) and so far it hasn't gone the best. Keep reading if you want further proof that the struggle is real.

Day 1: November first was a stressful day for me. Actually, October 31st was stressful as well. I continually checked the clock every few minutes to see how much closer nanowrimo was. Spoiler Alert: The time wasn't changing as fast as I thought it was. At about 11:20 pm I started to go into full panic mode. Here I am sitting on my friend's couch without a writing prompt or any pre-planning whatsoever, getting ready to attempt to write 1,667  words. My thoughts in that moment: "Yeah I'm screwed."
Despite my mental negativity I tried to be as positive as possible.  I didn't have the resources to start writing as soon as the clock struck twelve so I didn't start writing until 5 p.m. (I took a nap for about four hours because I had only slept about 3 the night before.) I'll admit that I did procrastinate but fortunately I was able to write more than a few words. Sadly, I was unable to reach the minimum number of words for that day. Though, I did write 1,247 which was only 420 off from the goal. I will admit that I only stopped because I had school the next day and I didn't want to be drastically tired.

Day 2:I got up at 3:30 a.m that morning because apparently my brain thought it was time to write? Since it was such and unreasonable hour I only wrote a paragraph before I fell asleep again. Throughout the school day I continued  a scene that I had been writing, using a paper and pencil instead of my laptop. I felt that things were going okay until I got to third hour, went to start writing, and realized that I didn't  like what I was writing. I felt as if I was just spewing nonsense at an invisible audience at that point, even though I was only about 4 pages in. I didn't write anything else for the rest of the school day and when I got home I procrastinated... again. Later that night, currently tonight, I decided to start over from scratch. Maybe this decision was idiotic but I'd much rather be behind on my word count that working on something that doesn't satisfy and excite me. As of right now I'm doing research on German folk lore and I'm trying to get more research done so I can jump into my novel as soon as possible. 

(Yes, I definitely am writing this blog post to avoid doing nano right this moment.)

I'm also a fairly slow writer so we'll see how the rest of Nanowrimo goes. I'm determined to push through, even if I dedicate this month wholly to novel research because that's still progress in my book. :) Not actually in my book (haha) but y'all get what I'm saying.

Are any of you participating in Nano this year?
If so what is your username? (mine is bookspiration_)
I wish everyone the best of luck and as always thanks for reading and have a wonderful day.

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