Review||| Selp-Help by: Miranda Sings

September 27, 2015

Selp-Helf by: Miranda Sings

Rating: 4/5 stars

Format: Library Hardback

Page Count: 240

Published: July 21st, 2015

Publisher: Gallery Books

"Over six million social media fans can’t be wrong: Miranda Sings is one of the funniest faces on YouTube. As a bumbling, ironically talentless, self-absorbed personality (a young Gilda Radner, if you will), she offers up a vlog of helpful advice every week on her widely popular YouTube channel. For the first time ever, Miranda is putting her advice to paper in this easy-to-follow guide, illustrated by Miranda herself. In it, you’ll find instructions on everything: how to get a boyfriend (wear all black and carry a fishing net), to dressing for a date (sequins and an orange tutu), to performing magic (“Magic is Lying”), and much, much more! Miranda-isms abound in these self-declared lifesaving pages, and if you don’t like it…well, as Miranda would say…“Haters, back off!”

I'm going to be honest. I seriously debated whether or not I should even write a review on this book because what is there to talk about? Actually A LOT but that's not the point. I don't even know what I read. This was 110% a Miranda book. ALL THE WAY. It was random, pointless, yet hilarious. I read the entire book in Miranda Sings' voice, though not out loud because the general public probably already thinks I'm kind of weird... or a lot weird.

The pages were super fun to read because they weren't so much pages as they were art projects. Very interesting, hairy art projects.

Don't pick this book up if:

-You can't stand words being spelled wrong. 
Colleen wrote the book like Miranda would say it which means a TON of grammatical errors. 

-You have absolutely no idea who Miranda Sings is.
I find this hard to believe, because she's super popular, but you may just open this book up and go: "What the actual fudge-brownie-hairy popsicle" whether you have or haven't heard of her.

-(This seems like a duh moment but) You don't like Miranda.
This book will in no way convince you to like her more. It literally IS a Miranda video in book form.

Pick this book up if:

-You're a Miranda Sings fan.
Do you like Miranda? READ THE BOOK! You'll definitely learn some... interesting stuff.

This was an overall fun read and it was a good book to break up all the more intense books that I've been reading lately.

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day!

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  1. But why the deducted 1 star? I'm thinking I might not buy it, since I looked through the library copy and saw everything I really wanted to see..
    -El @


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