A Schedule?

September 05, 2015

Hello lovelies!

Today I just wanted to tell you guys about a blogging schedule that I think I'm going to be using.
My school starts on Tuesday September, 8th (which is in less than a week *cry*) which means homework. Maybe a lot, maybe just a little but I can't predict right now. So I thought that it was best that I get into a blogging routine of sorts to make sure that I don't get super lazy and I don't post for a week or two.

So I was thinking this:

(This is a pretty "loose" schedule so keep that in mind)

I will be trying to post pretty much every single day during the week {not including weekends}. Tuesday's will feature my Top Ten Tuesday's and Wednesday's will feature my Waiting on Wednesday's as usual. Week-days will probably feature some completely random stuff, involving books of course, that I come up with. :)

What about weekends?


I'm going to be using weekends as planning time. I'll also be using weekends to catch up on comments. I love visiting everybody else's blogs so I'll be commenting on a bunch off blogs like a mad woman hehehe.

So that's pretty much my schedule, it's not too complicated. Like I said it's pretty loose so I may not post every week day (that's just my goal.)

Let's be honest. I'll probably do none of this but a girl can dream right?

Thank you for reading and have a lovely day!

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