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August 02, 2015

Hello fellow book lover's! The day is finally here!
 Today is my post for the #YADeepCalling blog tour.

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Now. On to the fun part.

I decided to ask J.M Lavallee some questions that I thought would have interesting answers. This is a fun, hilarious, but yet informative video and I hope everyone enjoys!


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A quick death within Manannan’s hot embrace would be far easier to endure than a bitter life away from the sea, but Melanie is not the giving-in kind.
At seventeen, the ocean currents and weather patterns of Hailey’s Round, Quebec, are embedded deep within Melanie’s core. Awakened by her supernatural link with the ocean, the Tuatha De Danann’s beautiful Sea King, Manannan, is drawn to Melanie and hungers for her soul. A voice in the wind lures her to the water, and once there, the Sea King begins the process of taking her life.
Hailey’s Round is no longer a safe haven for the teen. Forced to stay away from her beloved ocean, Melanie has nowhere to turn. Her odd mother hasn’t been a part of her life in years, her boyfriend doesn’t believe in the Tuatha De, and the grandfather who raised her is dying.
Yielding to the call of the deep sea and refusing to be marooned, Melanie defies Manannan’s hunger and the obsessive goddess, Rhiannon. Threatened by both deities to keep away from the sea, Melanie has never been more determined to revisit it…

J. M. Lavallee grew up along the Lower North Shore, Quebec, in the small community of Chevery. Experiencing childhood by the Atlantic resulted in a kindred interest in Celtic Folklore, as well as the English and Irish traditions inherited by East Coast Canadians.

 Devoted to literature, J.M spends much of her time reading, writing, and imagining, while working as a Preschool Instructor and Kindergarten assistant in Grovedale, Alberta. J.M’s most precious work, however, is shared with her husband through the raising of their two handsome sons. Deep Calling is J.M. Lavallee’s second novel. 

Connect with J.M. via http://jmlavallee.blogspot.ca, Facebook.com/authorJMLavallee, @authorJMLava, or through IG @j.m.lavallee.

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Thank you to J.M Lavallee for allowing me to participate in this wonderful tour and providing me with these images I shared today. 

Thanks for reading and enjoy the rest of the tour!

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  1. Thank you, Faith! Working with you was a pleasure. Make sure to put your name in the giveaway raffle; bloggers are free to enter along with their readers!

    I wish you all the best,

    J.M. Lavallee

  2. Good morning,

    Thought I’d swing by to let your readers know that today, this Day 7 of the #YADeepCalling Blog Tour, is the book’s RELEASE DATE! E-copies of Deep Calling are now available for purchase (I’m thrilled!).

    Buyers, don’t forget to use the MRP coupon code above! This code is good for book purchases made both today and tomorrow, through Morning Rain Publishing.

    Here’s the link to Deep Calling: http://morningrainpublishing.com/project/deep-calling-by-j-m-lavallee/ It includes links to Amazon Kindle, and Kobo.

    I wish you all the best!


    J.M. Lavallee


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