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August 18, 2015

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I have not done a TTT in FOREVER. I've just been getting side-tracked with other posts and reading so I haven't really felt like doing this post. But here I am today! Hopefully I can start doing these posts regularly again because there super fun to do. So without further ado here is my list of:
Top Ten Auto-buy authors

Note: I am not listing the authors in any specific order.
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1. Susan Dennard

    Pretty much any list that I make about authors (that is positive, of course) will have Sooz in it. I'm kinda in love with everything she posts, writes, or talks about. Let's be honest. I'm at a point where I would read her grocery list.... and I did when she posted it. *laughs nervously* 
Before I'm done talking about Susan, let's just mention how excited I am for Truthwitch. I'M SO EXCITED FOR TRUTHWITCH. Ok I think I'm done now. *cough* Truthwitch *cough* Now I'm done. :)

2. Sarah J Maas

Just last night I was re-reading a few chapters from ACOTAR. I'm obsessed with Sarah's characters. I'm obsessed with her worlds. I'm obsessed with her romances. I ADORE everything about her books. I will buy anything she writes blindly. Plus, Sarah's just a wonderful person and I try to help support her in anyway possible.

3. Cassandra Clare

This woman created my ultimate book boyfriend. Will Herondale. Her stories are pure kick-butt awesomeness and I can't wait for The Last Hours.
Side Note: Cassie. Can you stop "not spoiling" The Last Hours. Your "subtle hints" are not subtle whatsoever.

4. Laini Taylor

Laini writes unbelievably amazing worlds. The Daughter of Smoke and Bone trilogy is one of my favorite trilogies of all time. It's just so good! The story and characters are well-flushed out. Can we just talk about Zuzana for a moment? I mean, will you be my friend Zuzana?!?!?! Anyways, I'm waiting for a new book from Laini because ugh! Did I mention they're fantastic?

5. Amy Poehler

I know. I know! Amy doesn't write books for a living but I recently read Yes, Please and I loved it! It may have been a memoir but it was HILARIOUS. I'm sure that any other books that she chooses to publish in the future will be just as hilarious and wonderful.

6. Jennifer L. Armentrout

I debated on adding JLA to this list but in the end, I decided to. I am a huge fan of  JLA's writing. Her books are great for reading slumps. There just easy romances that make you feel the feels without scarring you for life. However, I haven't picked up any of her new adult, except for Wicked,  mostly because I haven't felt the need to. But maybe I will soon. :)

7. Kiera Cass

As annoying as her characters are, talking to you America and Eadlyn, I still love her stories. They're usually pretty cutesy besides the occasional drama and they're are quick and easy reads.... and Kiera Cass is adorable. Just wanted to point that out.

8. Marie Lu

The Legend trilogy shattered my heart and The Young Elite's blew my socks off. Marie Lu's writing is just... interesting. Her characters and story lines have never failed to infatuate me. Waiting for The Rose Society to release. :)

9. Mindy Kaling

Back again with the comedy. Like Amy Poehler's book, I recently read (well, more like listened to) Is Everyone Hanging Out Without me? (And Other Concerns) and I loved it! Once again it was a memoir but it was still absolutely HILARIOUS. This book made me want to instantly become best friends with Mindy. (How awesome would that be?)  :):):):):):):):):):)

10. Rae Carson

I first read a Rae Carson book in 2013? Maybe? Anyways, it was the Girl of Fire and Thorns trilogy and I thought it was fantastic. Raw is coming out with a new book this fall: Walk on Earth a Stranger. Of course I will try to read it as soon as possible because... Rae Carson!

What are your auto-buy authors?
Thank you so much for reading!


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  1. I love Marie Lu! I've just started Throne of Glass so hopefully I'll be joining that fandom soon. I've hoping to read one of Rae Carson's books very soon--I was lucky enough to get an ARC of Walking on Earth a Stranger so we'll see how that goes. I own the Daughter of Smoke and Bone Series and I hope I can get to it very soon.

    I'm really honest, I only have one auto-buy author and that is Leigh Bardugo. I absolutely adore her and her books<3

    Great list!


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