Adventures of a book girl: Wild Rumpus Books

August 17, 2015

New blog series?
               New blog series.


So this past week I have been away visiting family out West. On my way back I was able to visit one of my new favorite bookstores: Wild Rumpus Books. After I had left the bookstore I got an idea: What if I started a blog series where I tell you, my amazing readers, about all the bookish things I am lucky enough to experience. Whether it be a new bookstore, a signing, or just some random little bookish thing that I would love to share with y'all. This wouldn't particularly be a "regular" feature on my blog considering that I'm not always lucky enough to have a new bookish experience every other day, week, or even month. ... But when I do ....    TA DA
Anyways, let's get on with my first Adventures of a Book Girl post ever!
Warning: Many pictures ahead

These past few days I have been in South Dakota visiting my wonderful, amazing aunt. Since the drive from my house to SD was a little over 12 1/2 hours I had to stay in a hotel. (Because who wants to be in the car for that long?) While at the hotel I decided to look up the Top Ten Bookstores in the U.S.A. { Click here for the list! } Since I was heading west I thought that I could find a bookstore to visit in my "path." As soon as I saw "Wild Rumpus Books" on the list I knew I absolutely had to visit it. So on my way back I stopped in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

First off I wanna say that I am IN LOVE with the front window display.


I mean, look at those frames and mirrors! Look at all the books! It's just an overall gorgeous set-up.

When I first walked inside I was in love... (all over again.) Maybe it's because the store was absolutely adorable or maybe it's because I saw a cat just walking around. 


The fun most definitely doesn't end with the cat. 

Not only was there a cat walking around but also a chicken. Yes. A live chicken just cruisin' around the store. RIGHT THERE!

You can't forget the ferrets and the chinchillas... and parakeets and the tarantula.

You may wonder:
Is this a zoo or a bookstore?

How freaking cool does this sound?!?!?!

Did you get that you should definitely try and visit it?

Nonetheless, here are some of my pictures that I took while there.
                            ........and I took a lot of those.

Thomas Jefferson the Tarantula
I don't like spiders but I have to admit that Thomas Jefferson was kinda cute.
Ya know. Being behind glass in a bookstore and all.

The Chinchilla Hides!
 Look at his little ears! Isn't he the cutest thing ever!!!

The parakeets were located in more than one place, I believe. In this picture they were located above the discount bookshelf.

Look at all those amazing series!!!!!!!
I spy TMI, TID and The Girl of Fire and Thorns!!!

I was just trying to capture everything so I took a picture of this display...
So many amazing books displayed!

Gorgeous book escape
 This was an absolutely stunning book display. 
I mean, it looks like a tree house made of books!

I spy The Murder Complex

Do you see Harry Potter? Huh HUH?!?!
So perty :)

Did you spot any of your favorite books?

Thank you so much for reading!
I Hope everyones been having a good summer. 
*cough* I've been super lazy this summer *cough*

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  1. This bookstore looks so cute and charming and amazing, I love it! <3 (Minus the tarantula, because just.. no haha)

    1. haha I get. I am usually a mess if I see a spider (even of the tiniest variety) I think he's cuter if all you notice is how fuzzy he is. I didn't try to look at his eyes or anything because I would have freaked out.
      (It also helps that he didn't move while I was looking at him.. )


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