Happy Birthday Harry!... and J.K Rowling, of course

July 31, 2015

So if you haven't already heard it about a million other times today, IT'S HARRY POTTER AND J.K ROWLINGS' BIRTHDAY!!!!!!

So of course I felt the need to mention it briefly here on the blog. :)

In this post I'll be showing some Harry related things such as the many, MANY different covers. {Book covers that is.} ...And some other random things I decide to add while listening to The Sorcerers Stone movie soundtrack.

First off I want give a brief history of me and Harry Potter:

I was given The Sorcerer's Stone and The Chamber of Secrets when I was in 2nd grade. {Read and gently used by my cousin} To this day I still own them which I take pride in because they are the original copies.

I was in third grade when I actually started the magical series, though. As soon as I read The Sorcerer's Stone my little third-grade mind was entranced. I read the first book in about three days and soon after moved onto the second. I became a reading machine of sorts and was finished with the fourth book before I even knew what hit me. By the fourth grade I had finished four of the books in the series.

After a few weeks of battling with my mom I was able to attain book #5 {The Order of the Phoenix.} Obviously I started it (almost) immediately. I was reading it slowly, unlike how I had read the other books, and I was getting side-tracked from reading. Before I knew it it was time to go to camp. Of course I brought it with me and read some of it.

When I got home I read about a page and then put it down.

I picked it back up after about a year and by then it was too late. I didn't remember what I had read and I couldn't get back into the story.

....And I haven't attempted to since then.

Although, I've really been feeling in a HP mood so maybe I'll re-read and finish the series soon. :)

Cover Things...

As you may already know there are about a million different editions of HP and I legitimately want to own all of them. I will now share with you some of the different editions so you can also yearn to see them on your shelves, feel them under your fingertips, smell the pages.... I'll stop now.
(Not including the original US editions)

I really like the French editions, too. Maybe I'll learn how to read French so I can have a good reason for buying these editions. {You know besides the pretty cover.}

If you want to listen to the HP soundtrack's for free then I recommend Spotify... Just saying. :)
And yes, I have been listening to the Hp Soundtrack's the entire time I've been typing this. I can't get over the score. WHY IS IT SO UNNATURALLY AMAZING?!?!?!?

Thanks for having a mini HP and J.K Rowling celebration with me!
Have a wonderful day. 

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