Top Ten Tuesday

June 02, 2015

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Brooke and the Bookish

Happy Tuesday!
Today's topic for TTT is book's that I'd love to see as movies/TV shows. So let's get into it!

1. The Legend Trilogy by: Marie Lu
I think that this could be a really great movie series. (More movie than TV series because I'm not sure  the individual episodes would be particularly interesting...I don't know just me.) If Day and June were casted right and the set was amazingly epic.... :)

2. The Young Elites by: Marie Lu
I believe this has already gotten a movie deal but it probably won't be a "thing" for quite a while. I would love to see the characters come to life (considering I had trouble picturing Enzo, maybe an actor will give me a better picture.)

3. The archived by: Victoria Schwab could be a good movie. It's not particularly "complicated" so I could picture the movie being detailed and amazing.

4. Fall Out Girl by: L. Duarte
This would be an extremely emotional movie and I'm sure I would love every second of it. (Once again the story isn't particularly "complicated" so I bet a movie would be nicely detailed.)

5. Grave Mercy by: Robin LaFevers
This story was quite long and dragged at some points but I bet a Mini-series would do the book justice. I love the concept so much and I was bummed the story didn't live up to my expectations. Assemble the kick-a** assassin nuns!

6. Through the Woods by: Emily Carroll
I would love to see the creepy drawings/ stories come to life on the big screen. :)

7. Tiger Lily: by Jodi Lynn Anderson
Peter Pan retellings are legitimately THE BOMB. I would love to see Tiger Lily come to life, I bet it could be something Magical ;)

8. We Were Liars by: E. Lockhart 
This is one of the shortest books on the list but I think it could be an AMAZING TV series/mini-series. The TV show could consist of life on the private island and make the plot twist less noticeable. ;)

9. The Selection by: Kiera Cass
I don't need to say much about why this would be an awesome TV show. (Yes, I know there was a pilot and it failed horribly, but maybe, just maybe, it will get another chance.) I would Love to see the books be a successful TV series.

10. My True Love Gave to Me by: Stephanie Perkins 
These stories could be a great movie. It would be like an adorable, romantic, funny, amazing version of Mickey's Twice Upon a Christmas (first thing that came to mind :) That's the format I see the movie being in, by the way.... (Hehe this makes no sense)

What are some books you'd love to see as movies/TV shows?
Thanks for stopping by! :)

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  1. I haven't read the other books you mentioned but I absolutely agree with The Selection, yessss!! I hope things work out and it gets made into a film. :)

  2. I read Tiger Lily not that long ago and it was amazing. It was so beautiful and heartbreaking and I don't know what took me so long to pick it up. Grave Mercy would be awesome too, I love that series. Great list!


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