Top Ten Tuesday {Freebie}

May 19, 2015

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by the The Brooke and the Bookish

The theme of this TTT is... nothing particular.... as in its a Freebie!
Since I missed last weeks post that's what I'll be doing today!
FREEBIE theme:
Ten authors I REALLY want to meet.
(In no particular order...)

Laini seems like such a cool person! She has awesome pink hair and she seems like an overall interesting person to talk to. I would love to sit and talk about books with her :)

Who wouldn't wan't to talk to Cassie? I would love to meet the women that created Will Herondale because... SHE CREATED WILL HERONDALE... and Tessa, and Jem, and, Clary, and Jace, Izzy, Magnus, Alec, etc.....

Kiera Cass just seems like an overall lovable person. She is absolutely adorable in every video she films and I think she would be fun to talk to.

The Legend trilogy was emotional (and amazing), The Young Elites made me fell A LOT of emotions (and it was amazing) I would love to tell her how amazing she is in person! Plus she seems fun and interesting :)

Ok, fine, I admit I've already me Susan but I really want to again. Since then I've read more of her stories and I've come to love her more as an author and a person. She was/is super sweet, and funny, and amazing and I need to tell her all that in person :)

I've read Wicked and The Lux series and I've loved both of them. I would love to meet her so we could have a conversation about books (her books) and how she came up with all her amazing ideas. :)

The Lunar chronicles is BRILLIANTLY AMAZING so I would love to talk to the brilliantly amazing author of the books. (Plus: my friend is completely obsessed with the books so it would be amazing to talk to Marissa for her :)

Francesca seems super quirky and awesome. I bet she would be a lot of fun to talk to about books and super fangirly book nerd things :)

Victoria comes up with the coolest story lines and concepts. She seems like an interesting person to talk to and I think she would have some good writing tips ;)

J.K Rowling is such an inspirational writer! I would over to sit down and just talk to her about her journey through the writing of Harry Potter, how she got the idea, what the publishing process was like, basically anything! :)

What are some authors you would REALLY love to meet?

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  1. I agree with you on Marissa Meyer!!! She is probably one of my favorite authors now. I freaking loooooooove the lunar chronicles! And Lainy Taylor would be amazing because she has such a great imagination!


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