20 Things you could use as a bookmark

April 09, 2015

Have you ever been reading a book but when you go to reach for a bookmark there isn't one?

Well, no longer!
Today I have 20 things you could use as a bookmark!
Of Course there will be many gif's used to help explain.....

1. A Dog's Tail   

2. Receipts

3. napkins

4. cd's

5. flattened drinking straw
If you can't use it for drinking then use it for your books!

6. Hay

7. pony tail holder
Flat enough that they won't harm your book.
They are almost always accessible!

8. feather

9. a different book

10. pencil

11. floss
It works! As long as it's not used because...gross.

12. stick
If it's small enough and isn't damp from being outside then why not?

13. plant stem

14. hat

15. ribbon

16. yarn
All you need is a small piece of yarn and: Voila! A bookmark

17. flat rock
Just make sure they're not wet :)

18. shirt

19. clothes pin
If you happen to have one on you the just clip it onto your current page and Ba Bam!

20. rings

What are some things you use as bookmarks?

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