Recommendation Friday #1

March 27, 2015

Recommendation Friday is a weekly meme created by Taylor and Stephanie over at The Bibliophile Gathering!
I decided to participate because everyone needs recommendations, right?
I'll be doing this every week so keep checking back!

For my first recommendation Friday I'm gonna be recommending Tiger Lily by: Jodi Lynn Anderson.

Tiger Lily is a retelling of the classic Peter Pan. Except... it follows Tiger Lily, the girl that loved Peter Pan before Wendy came to Neverland. This story is still filled with all the magic of Neverland (pirates, fairies, mermaids, etc.) but it has a unique character perspective and the story makes you feel all the feels. 

This cover is beautiful and so was the story. I read this book last year and I still go back and look at it. The story was unique and I've never read any book like it.  Reading from Tiger Lily's perspective was extremely interesting because normally the story of Peter Pan is told from the perspective of Wendy or the lost boys. But in this story I got to see a different side of living in Neverland and what life was like for the Native's (because it's not usually addressed). Tiger Lily as a character could kick butt and she wasn't afraid to be different from other people in her tribe. Throughout the entire book she stayed strong even though things got hard...very hard. I highly recommend this book to people who have a love for Peter Pan. Even if you don't particularly love Peter Pan I would still read this book. READ IT!!!!

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  1. I've seen this book around for awhile now but I never really heard anything about it.
    But after reading your post, I'm definitely going to be getting this book soon! :D
    And thanks for doing Recommendation Friday!


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